Ultimate usage guide to operating your washing machine in a sustainable way

Ultimate usage guide to operating your washing machine in a sustainable way

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Ultimate usage guide to operating your washing machine in a sustainable way

01 November 2022


Ultimate usage guide to operating your washing machine in a sustainable way

Washing machines are no longer a luxury item but have become an essential need for typical urban households.

Getting a pile of laundry done in minutes makes washing machines a citified wonder.

However, even today, not many are aware of its correct operational usage.

We at Hafele, therefore, decided to compile an ultimate usage guide that will help you sustainably operate your machine.

The tips and precautionary measures mentioned in the article come from experts and assure an improved life expectancy for your machine.

Usage Guide To Optimally Operate Your Washing Machine In A Sustainable Way

Maintain Optimum Loading Capacity

Loading too much laundry beyond the capacity of your machine might lopsided the machine, thus causing it damage.

You should always ensure you do not stuff excessive laundry in the machine tub, but leave a hand-width of space over the top so that the clothes can rotate properly. Also, avoid closing the lid forcefully. Make sure the clothes are spread uniformly.

As a solution, Hafele’s Coral 86W Plus Freestanding Washer Dryer Combo Machine comes with an Eco-Logic System. This system has multiple sensors and microprocessors that intelligently identify the wash load and water pressure and adjust the cycle accordingly.

Check Water Level

One should avoid water overflow as much as possible. However, with Hafele’s Overflow Control, you don’t have to worry about this issue.

This water level sensor measures water level deviations in the drum and drains automatically when the required level is exceeded.

Plus, its Eco-Logic System helps the machine adjust the water intake and wash time during the half-load cycle, thus optimizing water consumption and energy.

Keep Your Machine Clean

Regular cleaning and maintenance allows you to keep your machine working efficiently for a longer time. Hard-water minerals, dirt, and detergent remains & accumulate inside the tub over time.

This might initiate mould and mildew sediments inside your machine. Make sure you clean up this debris. Keep a watch if your machine starts smelling weird. Go for a monthly clean-up and maintenance.

Hafele’s washing machines help you reduce this cleaning stress with their custom drum movements, sensitive temperature control, and additional rinse and spin cycles, which give premium hygienic cleaning results for all your laundry.

Use Right Detergent

Using a suitable detergent is also crucial for efficient and better results. With a compatible companion at work, your machine’s performance will improve.

Besides, Hafele comes with a Smart Foam Control feature that detects excess foam in your washing machine and reduces it automatically, thereby improving the quality of your laundry.

Hafele washing machines come with a special Liquid Detergent Compartment which is designed for alternative detergent use and is compatible with liquid and concentrated liquid detergents.

Make Use Of Your Machine’s Optimum Potential

Usually, customers use a specific cycle for all types of clothes, thus not making optimum usage of the machines. Using different cycles according to your needs helps the machine work at its fullest potential and give better results.

Hafele comes with SMART MOTOR technology NSmart™ that cleans even the toughest stains - with lesser noise and higher durability. On the other hand, its Sports Wear Wash program washes at 40°C and is particularly recommended for lightly soiled synthetic or cotton blend gym clothes.

Besides, you get 15 Smart Wash programs in Hafele washing machines to obtain the best wash results for cotton, synthetic, woollens, and delicate clothes separately.

Preventive Measures You Need to Take for Smooth Operation of Washing Machines

  • Never install a washing machine in a bathroom, wet rooms, or rooms with explosiveslike Diwali firecrackers.
  • Always empty pockets of your laundry. Remove any sharp or rigid items like safety pins, coins, nails, screws, or brooch that might cause damage to your machine.
  • Never use the old hose-sets. Ensure you use the new hose-sets.
  • Make sure you use the right and recommended detergent. Avoid using toxic solvents to clean your laundry in the machine.
  • Avoid washing carpets
  • Never refill water by hand during washing
  • Always wait for about 2 min to open the lid after the cycle is completed.

Using a washing machine to its fullest potential does not limit to just cleaning clothes but is also about how well you operate your machine and how frequently it needs repairs.

Hafele recommends efficient appliance usage to improve their life expectancy and healthy durability.


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