Advantages of Hafele Induction Cooktops

Five Key Advantages of Hafele Induction Cooktops| Hafele Appliances

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5 Key Advantages of Hafele Induction Cooktops

29 September 2021


5 Key Advantages of Hafele Induction Cooktops

What Is Induction Cooking?

An induction hob is simply an electromagnet you can cook with! It uses an electromagnetic field to only heat the cooking utensil, leaving the rest of the cooking surface cool to the touch.

Instead of using an electric or gas burner, the heat here is transferred directly from the cooking zone to your cooking utensil. This also means that you must use specific 'induction safe' cookware. Such utensils contain iron particles that activate and create heat when they interact with induction heaters.

Benefits of Hafele Induction Hobs

The Induction Hobs by Hafele Appliances not only come with the latest induction technology but are also intelligently designed to give you professional cooking results in the kitchen. They come in two spectacular models - Bella 30, a domino hob with 2 induction zones and Elena 60, a hob with 4 induction zones. Here are 5 key advantages you can expect from our induction hobs.

1. Faster Cooking Speeds

Induction hobs heat faster! While a regular gas hob first heats the burner that in turn heats the pan, an induction surface does not need an external heating element. This means that you don’t have to wait for the heating element to transfer to the pan. Instead, the pan heats up directly and quickly. This allows you to cook food or boil water faster as compared to stoves and gas hobs.

2. High level of Safety

In an induction hob, there are no open flames involved. There is no gas released into the air and the heated element is never exposed. This reduces the risk of flare-ups and injuries. Such high levels of safety offered by induction hobs is one of the reasons why it is considered an excellent option for families with children!

Furthermore, the Hafele induction hobs come with even more advanced safety features. While auto-pan detection ensures heating is turned off as soon as you remove the cookware from the hob surface, the small object detection feature ensures that the hob cannot be activated if a teaspoon or some other tiny object is accidentally dropped onto it.

3. Precise Temperature Control

Often, traditional burners may take time to heat or cool down to the cooking temperature that has been changed. However, this is not the case with induction hobs. At the slightest adjustment, induction heating ensures that you do not have to wait to achieve the exact temperature as required.

Even when you have to turn the cooking zone off, Hafele induction hobs ensure that heat transfer stops immediately, so there's less of a chance of foods boiling over or overcooking. Having such precise control over the temperature thus ensures that you get the deliciously cooked food, just the way you had imagined!

4. Energy Efficiency

With gas and electric hobs, a large amount of heat is lost around the utensils. Since induction cooking directly heats up the cooking utensils instead of using an external heating element, there is very little loss of heat! Moreover, food is simply cooked faster and this results in lower energy consumption. This is why induction hobs are known to be highly energy-efficient.

5. Easy to clean surface

Hafele induction hobs have a vitroceramic surface that doesn't directly heat up, which leads to a cool cooking surface. This ensures that overspilt food won't burn on the hob, which makes it easy to clean up. Moreover, our induction cooktops are designed with premium Schott glass, which is not only easy to clean but also gives a stylish, modern vibe to your kitchen!

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