Trends in New Age Refrigeration

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Whats Trending in New Age Refrigeration!

20 November 2021


Whats Trending in New Age Refrigeration!

Technology in kitchen appliances has been updated as per current standards to meet the needs of the present time. Among all such machines, refrigerators are one of the most widely used products that are constantly being updated with new features and improved specifications. Today's refrigerator is not merely a machine for storing, cooling and preserving food and beverages, but is a device that helps you upgrade to a smarter lifestyle.

If you are planning on purchasing a fridge, then you should consider knowing about the features that will help you choose a reliable and worthy product. At Hafele, we have created a list of the five latest tech trends that are raising the bar of advancement for refrigerators.

1. Inverter Compressor

A refrigerator is one such appliance that works 24x7. Therefore, it should be equipped with a compressor that can efficiently provide cooling at all times. The benefit of an inverter compressor is that it quickly stabilizes the refrigerator's temperature to prevent any sudden spike in energy consumption.


The compressor is also known to create lesser noise as compared to traditional compressors. Moreover, the Tropicalized Climate Rating of the compressor helps the refrigerator maintain its temperature in line with the outside condition, making it perfect for the Indian climate.

2. Multizone Convertible Compartment

Apart from the fridge and freezer section of the refrigerator, a few models in the current range have an in-built third compartment. This new section can be used both as a fridge or a freezer. All you need to do is adjust the temperature of this convertible zone, and it will smartly calibrate itself within 60 minutes.

Hafele Refrigerators Convertible Compartment

Hafele's premium refrigerators come with an ample 100L multizone convertible space that you can use as per your needs. Now with the addition of a third compartment, you need not worry about your fridge/freezer overflowing with food during a party.

3. Ionisation Technology

Air is as crucial for food as it is for the body. A continuous supply of pure and filtered air helps keep fruits, vegetables, fresh juices and other perishable items fresh for a longer period. With the help of Ionization technology, refrigerators use anions to clean the air and enrich it with oxygen.

Ionisation Technology

This latest trend is so effective that it eliminates more than 90% of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus. This ensures a hygienic and ideal environment for storing food efficiently.

4. Smart Display and Control

Refrigerators now come with a touchscreen display enabling the users to customize the settings according to their needs and usage. This comprehensive display touchpad helps manage the temperature, humidity, and other attributes for different compartments that store various food items.

Smart Display and Control

The smart display feature allows you to select various modes such as quick cool, rapid freeze, duo cool, vacation mode, child lock, and many more! Moreover, it gives an elegant look to the refrigerator.

If you want all these latest and premium trends to be available in the next refrigerator you purchase, choosing a professional freestanding refrigerator from Hafele, such as ARG650NF , will get you exactly what you desire. These French Door Multizone Refrigerators come with excellent features that can meet the demand of the present age. Since your refrigerator is an essential kitchen appliance, you should make it a worthwhile investment!

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