Dishwasher Pros That You Cannot Miss Out On!

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Dishwasher Pros That You Cannot Miss Out On!

25 July 2022


Dishwasher Pros That You Cannot Miss Out On!

Dishwashers have come as a boon for every household. Relishing on a grand feast feels heavenly, but going through its aftermath isn't less than a hell of a mess looking at the piled dishes that need to be cleaned.

Trust us, cleaning dishes is one of the most tiresome household chores and requires lots of effort. Plus, doing it after meals is the most annoying feeling ever.

Hafele, in particular, has introduced a range of aesthetically stylish and energy-efficient built-in dishwashers perfectly compatible with your ultra-modern kitchens.

With Hafele's dishwashers cleaning the dishes becomes easy, comfortable, and hassle-free. Plus, the time it saves can be utilized for something constructive.

Let's move on to the key advantages that make dishwashers a must for your kitchen.

Dishwasher Pros You Should Know

  • Hafele dishwashers look lustrous and smartly fit into your kitchen space. They come with 14 place settings, which can hold the equivalent amount of vessels that an average 4-6 membered family needs daily.

There is enough space to overlap the vessels, but it is recommended not to do so, as the above-placed vessels might not get cleaned properly.

The upper basket's height can be adjusted at different levels, thus helping with flexible stacking of different types and sizes of plates, glasses, and other dishes, even when fully loaded.

  • They deliver a hygienic wash that eliminates 99.9% bacteria and germs. Its Intensive cleaning mode helps the items in the lower rack get cleaned with 20% more spray pressure at a higher temperature which is very useful for stubborn oily stains.

This Powerful Jet Spray removes the leftover food in the dishes and flushes it out of the system through high-power jet sprays.

The high temperatures of the dishwasher help remove sticky residue, bacteria & germs, and toughest greasy stains from pots, pans, tavas, kadhais, and other heavily soiled items.

Also, fresh water is flushed into the system during the pre and post-wash to give a clean wash, thus ensuring the reduced risk of causing illness.

  • The sound-reducing material and high-quality hydraulic components integrated with the machine create massive insulation within the Hafele Appliances dishwashers, ensuring less noise during the wash.
  • These dishwashers are sensitive and can quickly differentiate between vessel materials, thus preventing any weaker material vessel from any breakage. Its Dual Zone Feature helps separate your sensitive crockery from other vessels, thus preventing any damage.
  • These dishwashers are equipped with smart sensors that identify any perceived loss in water and immediately compensate for it by ensuring optimal water circulation.

Therefore, you save on water and electricity consumption compared to manual cleaning.

You also do not need to wait for the entire load and can wash half the load without restrictions. This feature helps save 20% water and 10% energy, which is perfect for smaller households.

  • These Dishwashers come with a 100% leak-proof guarantee. If a leak occurs, the sensor shuts down the machine immediately, and any further damage is prevented.
  • With its child-lock feature, these appliances become childproof when left unattended.

Hafele is known to provide the best machines in the market, and the reason behind its immense popularity is the blend of modern and smart appliances it introduces.

The dishwashers from Hafele are also considered one of the most efficient machines for easy dish cleaning.


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