Ensure Clean & Dry Clothes This Monsoon Season with Hafele

Ensure Clean & Dry Clothes This Monsoon Season with Hafele I Hafele Appliances

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Ensure Clean & Dry Clothes This Monsoon Season with Hafele

13 June 2022


Ensure Clean & Dry Clothes This Monsoon Season with Hafele

Monsoon season makes for great weather and has an incredible aura in the surrounding. Especially the first showers are always welcomed with an adorable cheer. The surrounding seems blissful and romantic with the sudden brisk calmness in the air.

However, as days pass, the climate starts dazing, and with a lack of sunlight, all we are left with is moist weather and drowned houses.

Among these seasonal issues, one is the dampness of clothes. With no sun and indoor drying, it becomes hard to dry clothes naturally, and a nasty odor starts building up through the wet clothes as moisture accumulates within them.

In an attempt to address this concern, Hafele introduced new-age technology armed with advanced features in our phenomenal washer dryer combo series, including ultra-modern machines such as MARINA 8614 WD and MARINA 7512 WD

How Do Our Washer Dryers Ensure Clean And Dry Clothes In Monsoon Season?

Hafele assures this reliable conviction with the help of the spectacular features it incorporates. Let's check them out:

The Condenser Drying Technology

Condenser drying technology ensures faster drying and efficient handling of higher loads.

Condenser dryers take 40% less time to dry a specific load of the laundry, and they can handle higher clothing loads efficiently and dry out 99% of the moisture.

As it's a washer dryer combo, it can efficaciously undertake huge laundry loads, ensuring complete washing and drying in less time.

Special Wool Program

Woolen clothes pose a bigger problem in the rainy season as it takes a long time to dry them. Besides, the harsh washing programs provided by any washing machine might permanently damage your woolen clothes.

Our washer dryers come with an in-built Special Wool Program that protects your precious woolen clothing.

This uniquely designed program works more gently with tender mechanical movements while restricting the water temperature to 40 degrees, thus safeguarding your woolen quality.

Smart Foam Control

Our excellent quality washer-dryers can detect the formation of too much foam in your washing machine and automatically reduces it. This technology ensures the improvement of your laundry quality and makes sure there are no foam stains on the dried clothes.

Multiple Drying Levels

Our every washer dryer model is equipped with integrated multiple drying programs, 1 for cotton and additional 3 levels of drying for laundry other than cotton. You can select drying levels according to your needs. Additionally, you get 13 wash programs for a holistic cleaning result.

Stain Level Selection

This special program is designed to clean tough stains without going harsh on your clothes. Hafele's washer dryers execute an additional pre-wash function and adjust the temperature based on the fabric and stain level as soon as you run this program. There are 8 programs in all that allow you to select this function.

Our washer dryer combo machines are ideal for an all-inclusive cleaning of clothes and maintaining their span-new fragrance. They come with easy load options and intelligent programs that maximize your laundry hygiene. It works equally well with cotton, wool, synthetic, and delicate fabrics like silk and satin. Overall, it is the product every modern household needs.


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