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How to Preserve Mangoes in Right Ways for a Longer Time?

16 May 2022


How to Preserve Mangoes in Right Ways for a Longer Time?

As soon as the summer season arrives, the first thing that comes to our mind is a fresh juicy mango. This summer fruit is called the king of fruits for a reason. Whether it is sliced, pulp, juice, milkshake, or even salad, relishing mangoes is a must-summer activity for many of us.

However, Mangoes are one of the fastest perishing fruits and need care if you wish to store them for a longer time.

Azzano Refrigerators by our Hafele Appliances ensure you can store food for a longer time while maintaining its optimum quality.

This article will help you to understand how mangoes are prone to rot quickly and what a suitable method is to store mangoes for a longer time in the refrigerator.

The Problem with Mango Storage

Mangoes can be stored both at room temperature and in refrigerators. However, storing them the right way ensures longer storage while maintaining optimum quality is a difficult task.

When kept at room temperature for a long time, mangoes start rotting. Rotten mangoes develop a rotten tangy odor, skin blackening, and sloppier texture.

The taste changes drastically from sweet to sour/bitter. Sometimes, even though the fruit might look good on the outer surface, it starts the rotting process from within. When you cut a mango, you will find the inner part getting black. These mangoes, too, should be thrown away immediately.

On the other hand, even though refrigeration is the best way to store mangoes for a longer time, it also needs a specific strategy and cares to be appropriately stored.

This article will mainly discuss the particular strategy of storing mangoes in a refrigerator for a longer time and the key features of Azzano Refrigerators.

Why Is Refrigeration The Best Way To Store Mangoes For A Longer Time?

Refrigeration helps with temperature control that perfectly suits the fruit's needs.

Storing fruits, vegetables and dairy products at the right temperature and humidity level is important.

When stored in a standard refrigerator, the fruits and vegetables tend to lose moisture and crispness.

However, Azzano Refrigerators are equipped with a fresco zone plus drawer compartments that keep fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer period.

Azzano Refrigerators also enable you to preserve Mangoes at a controlled temperature that improves their shelf life.

Also, as we know, chemical processes result in the ripening of fruit. If these chemical processes are controlled at an early stage, you can prevent the rotting of the fruit.

Refrigeration protects the plant tissue and slows down the ageing process to help the mango stay fresh for a longer time.

What's The Right Way To Refrigerate Mangoes?

Mangoes should be kept at room temperature until fully ripened and ready to eat. Cut the ripened mangoes into either slices or small cubes. Make sure the pieces are small to enable easy spacing. Small pieces also ensure deep, thorough freezing.

Place these cut mangoes in a zip lock bag to store in a refrigerator. When you transfer the cut mango pieces into the zip lock bag, make sure you pull out the oxygen from the bag as much as possible before final sealing. Place the bag on a plane surface in the freezer. Do not topple them one above another.

Adjust the temperature to about/under -18°C and keep it consistent with maintaining the optimum quality of the mangoes. This way, you can store frozen mangoes for up to 6 months.

Azzano refrigerators by Hafele Appliances have developed a suitable climatic class that can operate optimally even at extreme temperatures.

Although refrigeration is the ultimate way to store mangoes for a longer time, the storing should be done in a specific way to get optimum results.

The right way is to cut the fruit into smaller pieces, transfer them to a zip-lock bag and freeze it for six months.


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