The Modern Way of Prepping Meals

The Modern Way of Prepping Meals | Hafele Appliances

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The Modern Way of Prepping Meals

23 November 2021


The Modern Way of Prepping Meals

Cooking your favourite meals or experimenting with a new one is always fun but prepping for the same is a tedious process for all of us. Not only do the pre-cooking activities take a lot of time and effort, but they sometimes ruin the pleasant mood of preparing your treasured family recipe.

Moreover, the tiresome work of chopping, kneading, or grating is accompanied by various appliances that clutter the kitchen countertop. With the ongoing trend of open and modular kitchens, keeping the space clean and countertops clutter-free is ideal.

In order to make your prepping processes effortless, Hafele brings a wide range of kitchen machines that help you manage kitchen activities. Read ahead as we have curated a list of premium kitchen appliances from Hafele that will help you move towards the modern way of preparing meals!

1. Klara Highline Kitchen Machine

This electronic kitchen appliance is an all-in-one machine that can handle multiple cooking tasks. The major time-consuming activities such as kneading, whisking, beating, slicing, chopping, mincing, blending, and grinding can be completed effortlessly using this multi-featured machine. Moreover, it comes with an advanced design and offers excellent functionality.

Klara Highline Kitchen Machine

The full aluminium diecast body provides a sturdy quality. This appliance comes with multiple attachments, jars, and cutters for performing different tasks. The one-touch control feature allows you to operate the machine efficiently, and its LED screen displays the exact duration left for the task to be completed, helping you prepare the correct recipe!

2. Magnus Cold Pressed Juicer

Do you find it tedious to prepare your favourite milkshake, smoothie, or nutritious fruit juices? With Hafele’s Magnus Cold Pressed Juicer, you can extract high-quality juice from fruits and vegetables. The machine works at a much slower pace than regular juicers and thus applies no heat in the entire process. It is, therefore, able to retain maximum taste, flavour, nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins and even prevents oxidation.

Magnus Cold Pressed Juicer

Moreover, this Cold Pressed juicer has a wide inlet that can easily fit in fruits and vegetables of various sizes without having to dice them. This machine even comes with various added features such as SmartFlow System, Single Button Operation, and Safety Locks!

3. Amber Electric Toaster Machine

The new 2-slot and 4-slot Electric Toaster Machine from Hafele’s Amber Series is a high-quality kitchen appliance that does wonders. Whether you want to toast bread or papad, defrost tortillas or wafers, or reheat doughnuts, this best-in-class machine will ensure that your task is effortless and quick.

Amber Electric Toaster Machine

The 7 levels of adjustable browning control feature help toast bread to the desired degree of colour and crispness. Moreover, the compact structure and curved edges give it an elegant look. This toaster machine is highly user-friendly and easy to clean.

Ease, efficiency, and evolution — if this is what you are looking for in your kitchen, then purchasing these appliances will prove to be a worthy investment. The benefits offered by these appliances will help you breeze through your cooking time! With the premium range of kitchen machines from Hafele, not only are you going to love the appetizing dishes made by you but also enjoy the entire process of prepping them!

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