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Built-in Appliances - The Heart of A Modern Kitchen | Hafele Appliances

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Built-in Appliances - The Heart of A Modern Kitchen

17 August 2021


Built-in Appliances - The Heart of A Modern Kitchen

A well-kept kitchen not only allows you to fully enjoy a pleasant cooking experience but also ensures hassle-free cleaning. While traditionally, our kitchens have been stacked with tons of appliances of different shapes and sizes, it served to give a cluttered look to our cooking space. However, with the entry of space-saving built-in appliances, our kitchens can finally look seamless and truly achieve a modern ambience design. At Hafele, we're here to tell you how such built-in kitchen appliances will transform your cooking spaces for the better. 

What are built-in appliances?

A built-in or integrated appliance is fixed in your kitchen and cleverly placed inside a cabinet, wall cavity or even under the counter. For example, a built-in hob is fixed on the kitchen platform or a built-in oven is fixed inside a cabinet made for it.

These appliances not only save a lot of space in your kitchen but also sit in line with your kitchen cabinets. Thus, they don't protrude out like freestanding appliances, thus providing a sleek and cohesive look to your kitchen. Moreover, as you can choose the colour and design of the cabinetry for them, built-in appliances can match with the rest of your kitchen design too!

Must-have built-in Appliances in your kitchen

1. Built-in Oven

A huge design advantage of having a built-in oven is that it is mounted at a height convenient for you to operate it with ease. Since the oven is enclosed inside a cabinet, it is also safe from external damage or from accumulating a lot of dirt. 

Typically, built-in ovens also come equipped with good features. The Hafele Diamond Neo 70 is a 70L built-in oven with over 10 cooking modes such as baking, convection cooking, grilling, roasting etc.  

This oven has an elegant full black design with an attached sleek black aluminium door handle. It comes with a 3 layer glass door, a breathing light, one-touch display, flexible shelves, and an aqua clean cavity. Such a design not only offers useful functionalities but also a modern aesthetic to complete the vibe of your contemporary kitchen!

2. Built-in Refrigerator

Since built-in refrigerators come with less depth than the freestanding models, they sit perfectly in line with your kitchen cabinets. However, this does not mean that they possess less capacity as they compensate for the less depth with a larger width and taller height. Essentially, a built-in refrigerator is perfect for modern kitchens where one is looking for a minimalistic and high-end look. 

Hafele's Azzano range of built-in refrigerators offers such a vibe to your kitchen as their design offers a large storage capacity, smart organization, and a host of unique cooling features. As you open the fridge, the sleek glass shelves along with the minimalist ceiling LED lighting make a beautiful impact on you.

Equipped with duo cooling, frost-free technology, precise temperature control, and separate compartments for fresh produce - this is one fantastic built-in refrigerator that will be the star of any modern kitchen today!

3. Built-in Dishwasher

As freestanding dishwashers require a separate stand or kitchen platform, they can cause your space to clutter up quickly. Whereas a built-in dishwasher is one smart kitchen appliance that may be fitted well inside a cabinet or even under your kitchen counter. In fact, since they are enclosed, built-in dishwashers also tend to run silently!  

Hafele's range of fully integrated dishwashers ensures that all the venting and hinges are concealed behind a cabinet to create a perfect synergy with your kitchen design. Our Serene FI 02 fully integrated dishwasher has an impressive 14 place setting, which can fit in a load of around 160 dishes in one cycle!  

Besides this, this dishwasher has premium quality features such as single touch controls, adjustable shelves, additional cutlery baskets, and quick washing programs that make it easy to operate in the kitchen.

P.S. We also offer semi-integrated dishwashers for those who want the controls of the dishwasher to be visible in the kitchen. Here, its panel can be customized as per the look of the rest of your kitchen to maintain the design of your cooking spaces.



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