List Of Must-Have Appliances For Rainy Season/Days

List Of Must-Have Appliances For Rainy Season/Days I Hafele Appliances

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List Of Must-Have Appliances For Rainy Season/Days

13 June 2022


List Of Must-Have Appliances For Rainy Season/Days

Monsoon season brings a lot of mixed emotions with it. Some might get lost in the cool breezy weather, the romantic showers, and the dreamy atmosphere. On the other hand, others might complain about the rain-fled streets, drenched clothes, and stinky surroundings.

However, you can easily survive the four rainy months with today's advanced technologies.

Check out the 3 most important appliances you should have for monsoon seasons.

Microwave Oven

The rainy season brings in cold weather and a humid climate along with it. The soothing sound of the downpour usually accompanies cravings for sizzling hot coffee, roasted corn, spongy hot cakes, freshly baked chicken, hot baked cookies, pizzas, and a lot more mouth-watering delicacies.

With Hafele's Diamond Neo 28 Microwave Oven With Grill, you can now quench your cravings within minutes.

A microwave oven helps heat food without burning, as there is a touch button to set the time. It ensures convenience in cooking as it saves time and effort while maintaining the nutrient and water content of the food.


This small jar look-alike appliance is a real-life saver, especially in monsoons. Kettles are helpful for many activities, including boiling water for drinking, making tea or coffee, cooking instant foods like noodles or soups, and more.

Hafele's Dome Kettle is one of the must-have appliances in your home. It has a high capacity to heat water and an external water level indicator that shows the water levels inside the kettle.

It also has a temperature analog display feature that helps you check the overheating of the water or other foods.

Washer Dryer

Monsoons are not just known for their dreamy ambiance but also for the nasty odor of damp clothes they cause. In the absence of adequate sunlight, it becomes hard to dry clothes, resulting in damp, moist clothes that smell extremely weird.
This is why you need one of the best washer dryer combos from Hafele's, MARINA 8614WD. It is one of the most advanced washer-dryers, with unique features like condenser drying technology that ensures faster drying while handling a good amount of laundry load.

These washer-dryers come with special allergy-safe wash programs that effectively clean damp clothes and remove any bacterial infestation.

Interestingly, the condenser dryer dries out 99% of the moisture, thus returning its fragrance and smooth texture.

As monsoons are right at the doorstep, you should prepare to use the necessary appliances according to your needs.


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