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LUXURY APPLIANCES-Built In Under counter Refrigerator

Smaller than a full sized refrigerator, an under counter fridge is generally under 34-inches (approx 860 mm) in height. However, the size dimensions of an appliance can differ as per its brand. At Hafele Luxury Appliances, the Asko under counter refrigerator comes in the dimensions of 820 - 900/ 596 / 545 mm (H/ W/ D)

An under counter refrigerator is a great choice if you are looking to save up on a large amount of space. As these fridges are made to fit well in a cabinet under your counter space - they give a seamlessly sleek and compact look to your storage or kitchen areas. 

These refrigerators work well for people who love entertaining guests in one area of the home or those who live in studio apartments and don’t want bulky refrigerators to take up their kitchen space. In fact, the under counter refrigerators by Hafele Appliances offer even more advantage as they are quieter due to soft closing doors and are also highly energy efficient!

Below are the few uses one can get out of undercounter refrigerators:

● Main storage in the kitchen without compromising on space (for 2 people)

● Additional cold storage at restaurants

● Storing snacks and beverages in the office

● Chilling drinks under the bar counter

● Outdoor fridge for patio kitchens and such.

Yes, an under counter fridge needs ventilation. Generally speaking, any integrated fridge or freezer would require air to be able to circulate under the appliance, behind the appliance and through the top of the appliance. 

This can mean having gaps or even vents in the cabinetry surrounding the appliance in the appropriate areas. In most cases, an installation manual will provide a diagram of the cuts and vents that you need. You can obtain these directly from the brand or supplier of the appliance.

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