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Yes, built in refrigerators are certainly worth the expense if you love your kitchen to be seamlessly organised, giving a streamlined and high end look. As these types of refrigerators come with lesser depth but allow for larger widths, they do not protrude like freestanding refrigerators. Instead, their build makes it easy to integrate them in cabinets, which keeps things smooth and stylish while saving valuable space in the kitchen. 

If you opt for a good brand such as Hafele, a built in refrigerator can certainly be worth the investment as it offers numerous functional features as well as a modern design to your kitchen.

The standard size of a refrigerator depends on the type of fridge you choose. A built in refrigerator usually comes in a good height of 69 to 70 inches, a smaller depth so as to easily fit in a cabinet and a range of width options depending on your kitchen layout.  

The built in refrigerators by Hafele Appliances usually come in a standard size of 555mm X 545mm X 1772mm (W x D x H - 21  x 21 x 69 inches) which offers a capacity of approx 300 to 305 Litres. The installation cost of a built in refrigerator depends on the particular brand and model you opt for.  

Built in refrigerators are permanently integrated inside cabinetry, which is why they can be expensive. However, they save on space and provide a high end, seamless look to your kitchen. Besides this, there is a lot more electrical wiring work involved, which increases the installation costs of a built in refrigerator. 

However, a built in refrigerator is definitely worth the expense as these are built to last for a long time. On an average, you can expect such a fridge to last for ten years.

Hafele Appliances is one of the top brands, which sells quality built-in refrigerators in India. Our premium Azzano range of built in refrigerators offers a large storage capacity, smart organisation, a host of unique features, and a modern design that blends well with today’s contemporary kitchen designs! 

 The refrigerators come with futuristic cooling technology along with precision temperature control, which ensures that the food stored inside the refrigerator retains all its essential nutrients and stays uber fresh for a longer time. There are separate compartments for herbs, vegetables, fruits, and meat respectively that keeps the fresh produce stored at the right temperature.

Here are some factors you should consider before buying a built in refrigerator.

● Check if you have the right space in your kitchen to accommodate the built in refrigerator, you have been eyeing in the market. Measure the space required to get its cabinet built, taking into account the dimensions of the appliance and the ventilation space needed for it.

● As built in refrigerators come in different high end price ranges, it may be worth your while to estimate your budget. Look for a built in refrigerator that will give you the needed features, longer service life, and fits within your decided budget. Do not forget to factor in the costs that may be incurred for installation and building cabinetry.

● Check if the depth of the refrigerator will satisfy your specific storage needs. As these tend to come with lesser room than freestanding models, it would be beneficial to check if the size and capacity of the refrigerator will work for your family, before you purchase one.

● Consider the energy rating of the model as the better rating  and the kind of compressor it has, as this will determine how energy efficient it will turn out for you in the long run. 

Yes, depending on the size of your built in refrigerator, you may have to make changes to your kitchen layout. Since a built-in refrigerator cannot be moved after it is placed - it is important to assess the changes that need to be made before you purchase a built-in refrigerator. 

If your built in refrigerator is to be fixed in a wall, then you may have to make certain changes to your current kitchen layout to create space for it. Factors such as adjusting the opening width and depth for the refrigerator to fit in well also come into play here. However, if you already have space for building the cabinet for it, then you may not have to make any changes. 

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