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In 1950, Karl Erik Andersson decided to build his mother a washing machine. To create the best possible durability and washing result, he refused to compromise on materials. The result was a washing machine crafted from solid stainless steel, standing on four cast iron legs. A design so convincing that it was taken into production not long after. Today, more than 60 years later, Asko has become a global brand that designs and develops premium kitchen and laundry appliances. Asko products meet the most stringent demands on design, function, durability and environmental awareness. Asko manufactures products to extremely high standards with attention to the finest of the details. Innovation driven by craftsmanship and a deep understanding of customer needs, have made ASKO’s products some of the best the market offers today.
  • Built In Refrigerator
    High-end built-in refrigerators inspired by nature with Scandinavian design, smart technologies, multiple storage microclimates, dual refrigeration system and large space to keep your fresh food stored in the best possible conditions.
  • Freestanding Refrigerator
    The Scandinavian style embedded in our freestanding refrigerators can enhance the appearance of any kitchen and preserve freshness with its smart cooling technology for a longer period of time and saves energy with the help of its intelligent sensors.
  • Built In Under-counter Refrigerator
    Innovative refrigeration system for under counters allows maximum utilization of available storage space and keeps food fresh for a long time.
  • Built In Ovens and Microwaves
    We strive to make life easier by offering truly user-friendly interfaces, integration of practical functions and trouble-free, durable products that please people for a long time.
  • Built In Gas Hobs
    The Fusion Volcano Wok burner is different to most wok burners. It generates a vast amount of heat and effectively directs it to the base of the pan, rather than around the sides. It also maintains a high temperature even when you add more ingredients.
  • Built In Induction
    ASKO induction hobs not only make your kitchen more elegant and clever. They also make your cooking faster thanks to instant and precise heat control. It's almost like cooking with gas but without the gas!
  • Built In Coffee Machine
    With a unique interaction and control philosophy based on a TFT touch interface you got all the possibilities to get your coffee done in exactly the way you want it.
  • Cooker Hoods
    Your new Elements by ASKO cooker hood will surely be a centrepiece in your brand new kitchen with its soft black glass with pearl effect, neatly framed with real metal profiles.
  • Specialty Appliances
    Enhance your Asko experience with the added functionality of the Asko warming drawer and deep fryer.
  • Dishwasher
    No matter how good the ASKO dishwasher will look in your kitchen, the reasons why you’ll love it is because you can load it with more than any other dishwasher on the market.
  • Laundry Solution
    ASKO washers come up with clever solutions to make your everyday tasks so much easier.

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