RFN31831I - Refrigerator

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Premium, Built-in Fridge/freezer
This refrigerator will refresh your kitchen routine with its large storage space, effective air distribution system - Cool Flow, rapid cooling technology - SuperCool and its adaptive temperature control, all of which, will help your food stay fresh for a longer with their nutrients well preserved.
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Product Highlights
Air Distribution - Cool Flow System
Same temperature on all shelves- The effective air distribution system keeps an even temperature throughout the fridge and freezer. No need to worry about where to put what – just place the food wherever you like.
Fresh Air function - Clean air with help of ionizing system
The FreshAir™ function works on a molecule level and effectively eliminates odours. Freshness is preserved up to 60% longer than in a conventional fridge. It also provides an antibacterial effect.
Adaptive Temperature Control
Keeping cool always- Retain your food's first-day freshness for longer. ASKO refrigerators automatically lower the temperature prior to periods of frequent use, avoiding temperature rises and keeping your food fresh up to 20% longer.
Super Cool & Fast Freeze function
Speedy freezing- It is important to get food into the freezer as soon as possible after shopping to avoid degradation. The Auto Fast Freeze function detects warm or unfrozen food in the freezer and starts an immediate intensive freezing cycle to freeze the food faster and maintain it in its original quality.

Tech Specs

  • features :

    Energy class A++

    No Frost

    Cool Flow

    Adaptive Temperature Control

    Electronic Touch button interface


    Fast Freeze

    Fresh Air™

    Soft Close door

    100% Tropical Compressor

  • Design and integration :

    Total volume / Fridge volume / Freezer volume:  269 / 183 / 86 litre

    Shelves / Door shelves / Drawers in fridge / Compartments in freezer:  3 / 4 / 1 / 3

    Door-to-door / Sliding Door:  Yes / No

    Weight:  68,0 kg

    Max weight of custom door:  20 kg

  • Cooling and preservation systems :

    No Frost:  Yes

    Fresh drawers:  1 Meat / fish + 1 Fruit / vegetables

    Fast Freeze:  Yes

    Fast Cooling:  Yes

    Air distribution system:  Cool Flow

    Adaptive Temperature Control / Auto humidity control:  Yes / No

    Climate Class:  SN-T

  • Display and control :

    Type of display:  Electronic Touch Button control

    Separate temperature controls for fresh drawers:  No

    Separate temperature controls for cooling and freezer compartments:  Yes

  • Use and flexibility :

    Convertible compartment:  No

    LED lights / Locations:  1 LED strip / On top in fridge

    Adjustable shelves / Removable shelves (fridge compartment):  Yes / Yes

    Soft Closing door / Soft closing drawers / Soft closing wine rack:  No / No / No

    Door open alarm / High temp alarm:  Yes / Yes

  • Dimensions ;

    Appliance dimensions (H / W / D): : 1772 / 555 / 545 mm

    Niche dimensions (H / W / D):  1775-1780 / 560-570 / 560 mm

    Length electrical cord:  2000 mm

  • Technical data :

    Electrical connection:  90 W / 220-240 V / 50 Hz / 1-phase x 10 A

    Energy rating (EU):  A++

  • Included accessories :

    Multi box, Bottle rack

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