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Premium, Built-in Fridge
This refrigerator is designed to seemlessly fit into your kitchen space and suitably store the food you love to prepare. With its Cool Flow system and Fresh Air™ technology you can keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer and preserve their essential nutrients. Having an energy efficiency class of A++, this refrigerator consumes lesser amounts of energy thereby reducing the impact on the environment.
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Product Highlights
Air Distribution - Cool Flow System
Same temperature on all shelves- The effective air distribution system keeps an even temperature throughout the fridge and freezer. No need to worry about where to put what – just place the food wherever you like.
Fresh Air function - Clean air with help of ionizing system
The FreshAir™ function works on a molecule level and effectively eliminates odours. Freshness is preserved up to 60% longer than in a conventional fridge. It also provides an antibacterial effect.
Adaptive Temperature Control
Keeping cool always- Retain your food's first-day freshness for longer. ASKO refrigerators automatically lower the temperature prior to periods of frequent use, avoiding temperature rises and keeping your food fresh up to 20% longer.
Super cool function
The Auto Super Cool function detects temperature rises and activates an intensive cooling that brings the temperature back at the pre-set level, slowing down the food aging process.

Tech Specs

  • Features :

    Energy class A++

    Cool Flow

    Adaptive Temperature Control

    Fresh Air™ function

    Soft Close door

    SuperCool function

    100% Tropical Compressor

  • Design and integration :

    Total volume / Fridge volume / Freezer volume:  305 / 305 / -

    Shelves / Door shelves / Drawers in fridge / Compartments in freezer:  7 / 6 / 3 / -

    Door-to-door / Sliding Door:  Yes / No

    Weight:  61,0 kg

    Max weight of custom door:  20 kg

  • Cooling and preservation systems :

    No Frost:  Not Applicable

    Fresh drawers:  1 Meat / fish + 1 Fruit / vegetables

    Fast Freeze:  No

    Fast Cooling:  Yes

    Air distribution system:  Cool Flow

    Adaptive Temperature Control / Auto humidity control:  Yes / No

    Climate Class:  SN-T

  • Display and control :

    Type of display:  Electronic button control

    Separate temperature controls for fresh drawers:  No

    Separate temperature controls for cooling and freezer compartments:  Yes

  • Use and flexibility :

    Convertible compartment:  No

    LED lights / Locations:  1 LED strip / On top in fridge

    Adjustable shelves / Removable shelves (fridge compartment):  Yes / Yes

    Soft Closing door / Soft closing drawers / Soft closing wine rack:  Yes / No / No

    Door open alarm / High temp alarm:  Yes / Yes

  • Dimensions :

    Appliance dimensions (H / W / D):  1772 / 555 / 545 mm

    Niche dimensions (H / W / D):  1775-1780 / 560-570 / 560 mm

    Length electrical cord:  2000 mm

  • Technical data :

    Electrical connection:  80 W / 220-240 V / 50 Hz / 1-phase x 10 A

    Energy rating (EU):  A++

  • Included accessories :

    Multi box, Bottle rack

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