F2282I - Built-in Undercounter Freezer

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Built-in Undercounter Freezer
This Built-in freezer placed under the kitchen counter allows you to maximise the use of available storage space within a very limited surface area. You can pair it and place it side-by-side with the Asko Built-in Undercounter fridge for optimum functionality.
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Product Highlights
Energy class A++
The highly energy efficient refrigerators with an Energy class of A++ help you reduce your energy consumption and reduce the impact on the environment.
Fast freeze
Speedy freezing- It is important to get food into the freezer as soon as possible after shopping to avoid degradation. The Auto Fast Freeze function detects warm or unfrozen food in the freezer and starts an immediate intensive freezing cycle to freeze the food faster and maintain it in its original quality.
Door to door SoftClose with reversible door option,
Enjoy the comfort of soft-closing doors on your fridge and freezer. So quiet, that even your dog will not notice you grab a late night snack!
Space Saving and Convinent Refrigerators
Ideal for usage under a counter-top to give more space on the counter, or, patio, outdoor kitchen, office spaces, and many more compact spaces in the home/office. Compact & convenient undercounter refrigerators are ideal for installation under a kitchen counter-top, in commercial offices or on a patio / outdoor kitchen. 

Tech Specs

  • features :

    Energy class A++, Fast freeze

  • Design and integration :

    Total volume / Fridge volume / Freezer volume:  96 / - / - litre

    Shelves / Door shelves / Drawers in fridge / Compartments in freezer:  - / - / - / 3

    Door-to-door / Sliding Door:  No / No

    Weight:  33,0 Kg

    Max weight of custom door:  -

  • Cooling and preservation systems :

    No Frost:  No

    Fresh drawers:  No

    Fast Freeze:  Yes

    Fast Cooling:  No

    Air distribution system:  No

    Adaptive Temperature Control / Auto humidity control:  No / No

    Climate Class:  SN-T

  • Display and control :

    Type of display/control:  Knob

    Separate temperature controls for fresh drawers:  No

    Separate temperature controls for cooling and freezer compartments:  No

  • Use and flexibility :

    Convertible compartment:  No

    LED lights / Locations:  No / -

    Adjustable shelves / Removable shelves:  No / No

    Soft Closing door / Soft closing drawers / Soft closing wine rack:  No / No / No

    Door open alarm / High temp alarm:  No / Yes

  • Dimensions :

    Appliance dimensions (H / W / D):  820-900 / 596 / 545

    Niche dimensions (H / W / D):  820-900 / 600 / 550 mm

    Length electrical cord:  2050 mm

  • Technical data :

    Electrical connection:  90 W / 220-230 V / 50 Hz / 1-phase x 10 A

    Energy rating (EU: ) A++

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