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Nagold – Made For India
18 Jan 2017
Hafele’s brand of built-in appliances, Nagold has been specially customised for the needs of the Indian consumer. Nagold is the international home appliances brand of Hafele. Recently the brand introduced the J-series, a range of built-in models from the Nagold series – redesigned, remodeled and re-engineered to give uniformity in design, technology and functionality. The new range of electric, steam and microwave built-in ovens from the J-series come with advanced convention, steaming and warming features, respectively, that sufficiently meet the Indian standards of cooking and at the same time are ideal for experimental baking, grilling or roasting. The Inside Track spoke to Taniya Bose, Product Manager – Appliances, Hafele India Pvt. Ltd. about Nagold’s positioning in the Indian market and the special features they have introduced to their range of international appliances for the Indian consumer. Why the name Nagold? Nagold is a town in southwestern Germany, bordering the northern Black Forest; incidentally, it also is the place of origin of the 93-year-old Häfele Empire. The Nagold range of built-in home appliances is named after this town from where we originate. With the Nagold brand name, we present to you the trademarked ‘Häfele’ excellence in quality and functionality. What are the various appliances offered currently under the Nagold range? The Nagold series of international home appliances cater to all your cooking and cleaning needs amidst an experience of supreme efficiency. Through the Nagold series, we provide you with every possible convenience that makes your time spent in the kitchen truly worthwhile. You can now meet your daily cooking needs with a level of smarter efficiency through our exclusive range of built-in-hobs; and to extend your culinary skills to experimental baking, grilling or barbequing, we present you with our range of built-in microwave and electric ovens, deep fryers and barbecues. Your cooking experience is further enhanced with our range of noiseless cooker hoods that work effectively to pull-in all the expended smoke and gaseous cooking residues. Nagold’s dishwasher, washing machine and refrigerator complete your home cleaning and storage needs. What is the gap that Hafele aims to fill with this range? The built-in appliances space in India had players that existed at the super premium segment (high-end imported brands from Europe) of the market and those that existed at the entry level positions (local brands); there was no one really present in the middle providing a strong value proposition to the customers. The objective behind launching the Nagold range was to fill this gap and bring in a range that offers superior quality appliances but at affordable prices. It has taken us over a year to put together this range taking into consideration the specific needs of the Indian customer and building in such configurations into our range that meet the uniqueness of what the Indian customer really wants. Until now, none of the European players that exist in the appliances segment in India have really customised their range to suit Indian requirements – they bring in appliances with European features which may or may not work for all the customers. What is the pricing strategy of the Nagold range? The Nagold range was introduced to fill the glaring gap that existed in the market between the super-premium and entry-level segments. This has led us to introduce an effective value-proposition with our range of Nagold Appliances where a customer has the approachability to international designs and technology (that compete with players existing at the premium segments) with Indian features at the most competitive price points. Where is Nagold designed? If Nagold is India specific then, is it tried and tested for the Indian culinary styles and methods? The Nagold range is a result of in-depth internal research and development. We have noticed that Indian cooking patterns and requirements are quite different from the European style of cooking. Hence, to bridge this gap, Hafele has introduced a new series of built in appliances range called the J-series under the Nagold brand. This series is a style statement reiterated with a black design. The J-series comes with international design and technology that closely embeds Indian features. The Nagold built-in refrigerator has a climatic class of SN (Sub-Normal) -T (Tropical) which has an operating temperature of 10°C to 43°C. The Tropicalized Compressor works perfectly for the Indian climate providing optimum cooling and humidity thus reducing wear and tear and boosting the life-span of the refrigerator. Hafele offers the efficiency of the traditional wood-fire Indian cooking along with the convenience of modern technology through its range of ORO built-in hobs from Nagold. These hobs come with supernova brass burners which have been engineered to provide the most favorable flame for Indian cooking styles – the flame automatically takes the shape of the cooking pot be it a round-bottomed wok or a flat-bottomed pan! What is the current market reach of Nagold products? What are your plans for product and brand visibility? How do you plan to reach your customers? To penetrate the market with our Nagold range we have set out to open Exclusive Nagold Galleries in major metros and expand our reach with Nagold counters across the country. Currently we have seven exclusive Nagold Galleries and over 250 Nagold counters across the country. Apart from this, the brand is gaining momentum for its unique proposition of being an international range in terms of design and technology which yet caters to Indian patterns of consumption through its host of specially engineered features. Our proposition of ‘Made for India, Made by Hafele’ has caught on with our customer base and we continue to reach out to all possible segments with this proposition. Having said this, the most critical strategy that has worked for us is the approachability in price for a range that is as superior as any other appliances brand that exists in the super-premium segments of the market. Nagold’s Teresa 90 Extraction hood has been specially designed to absorb the heavy fumes of Indian cooking. What’s more is that this hood comes without filters, eliminating the tiresome activity of cleaning and maintaining the filters on a weekly basis. Do you plan to add more categories of appliances to the Nagold range in the near future or do you intend to include stand-alone appliances? Nagold is well accepted by the customers and the end user because of its design, features and excellent service support. In the coming times, you will see further integration in the design of our appliances to give your kitchen a modern, minimalistic and uniform look. Tags: BUILT-IN APPLIANCES, HAFELE, J-SERIES, KITCHEN, NAGOLD, ORO BUILT-IN HOBS, TERESA 90 EXTRACTION HOOD
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