Hafele Appliances Refund and Return Policy

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Refund and Return Policy 

Owing to the nature of our products, goods are not eligible for return /refund in case the carton box is found open at the time of installation of the goods by Hafele’s authorized representative. Hafele’s authorized representative will only open the carton box in front of the customer. 

We would request our esteemed customer to be vigilant at the time of taking the delivery of the goods from the delivery person. In case the carton box is found open and is not affixed on all sides of the carton, please do not accept delivery and return the goods immediately to the same delivery person.

Product Inspection needs to be done within 10 days of delivery. Post 10 days we are neither responsible nor accept any damage claim for replacement /refund. 

Due to the nature of our products and the high transport cost involved, Hafele reserves the right of refund will be decided on a case-to-case basis. The first priority of Hafele is, that customers should feel delighted after receiving the goods and their usage, to replace goods in case found broken/damaged/defective. 

Any voluntary return of goods, once accepted by Hafele, the shipping cost needs shall be borne by the customer 

"In case of cancellation by the customer upon delivery or any other reason not pertaining from Hafele’s side, refund to be made to the customer will be after deducting the "to and fro freight " and the amount charged by payment aggregator and replacement to be made after collecting "to and fro freight charges".

For Refunds, Hafele does not charge any processing fee. However, the transaction fee and GST levied by Razorpay at the time of payment capture will not be reversed to your account.

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