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Häfele India consolidates its Appliances business under its Global Brand: HAFELE APPLIANCES:
25 Apr 2019
Häfele, the world leader in furniture and kitchen fittings, has over the last few years expanded its global assortment portfolio to include a sophisticated range of built-in home appliances. This global strategy was an organic move considering that the company holds a rich tradition, deep understanding and technological know-how in the furniture and kitchen segments. The extension of its product portfolio from hardware fittings to solution based products like built-in appliances, kitchen sinks and faucets and even counter top surfaces was thus a natural transition, enabling the Häfele Group to cater to its Global customer segments with a holistic solution-based approach.
Häfele India was one of the first subsidiaries of the worldwide Häfele group to set foot into the appliances business with its brands ICONIC (luxury appliances) and Nagold (premium appliances) for the Indian and South Asian markets. The Indian subsidiary has, in a short span, built a credible business and name with these brands in the Indian Appliances market and continues to grow at a steady pace. However, keeping the future complexities in mind and bringing in a close alignment to the Global strategies of the Häfele Group, Häfele India is now consolidating its entire Appliances business under the Global brand: HAFELE APPLIANCES. Through this consolidation, the company will now communicate with all its customers through one flagship brand “Häfele Appliances” while continuing to cater to different market segments with 3 different product lines:
1. ICONIC: Hafele’s collection of luxury home appliances that houses world-renowned brands like Asko (Designer range of Cooking and Cleaning appliances from Sweden), Liebherr (Sophisticated range of Refrigeration and Cooling Appliances from Germany) and Falmec (Technologically advanced range of extraction hoods from Italy).
2. Nagold: Hafele’s in-house collection of premium home appliances that have been developed keeping Indian cooking and cleaning patterns in mind while bringing in the trademark German quality and innovation that the company is well known for. This range also offers an attractive and modern range of Countertop and Free-standing appliances that carry the same blend of German technology with Indian features – a signature trait of every appliance from the Nagold range.
3. FM Series: Hafele’s in-house collection of approachable-premium home appliances that are Functional and Modern and have been introduced for Häfele’s modern trade business.
PR Quote from Mr. Wolf:
“Over the last decade Häfele has built a strong name in the Indian Market for its potential to provide every possible solution in the home interior segment. The thought is to use the leverage of brand ‘Häfele’ and further reach out to our end-customers through various solution-based categories. Keeping this in mind, we are unifying our entire Appliances business under the Global brand name: Häfele Appliances. With this move, we will not only create a uniform and clear brand strategy for our appliances business in the Indian and South Asian Markets, but will also benefit from the alignment with the Global strategies of the Häfele Group. Today, brand ‘Häfele Appliances’ is present in 32 countries worldwide and is gaining momentum as a strong ally to the core Häfele business of Furniture and Kitchen solutions. By bringing our Indian product categories of ICONIC luxury appliances and Nagold premium appliances under one umbrella brand name ‘Häfele Appliances’ we will now be able to build a stronger brand presence in the market while continue to cater to the different market channels with these specific categories.”

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