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Hafele Expands Its Exclusive Appliance Showroom in Bangalore

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Hafele Expands its Exclusive Appliance Showroom In Bangalore
27 Oct 2020
Hafele, the leading global conglomerate in furniture and kitchen fittings has now distinguished itself in the world of built-in home appliances over the last few years. The company has attained immense appeal by expanding its portfolio to include a sophisticated range of cooking, countertop, and cleaning appliances. These innovative products offer holistic solutions, establishing Hafele as a premium brand in the space of home appliances in India.
The Hafele Banglore Showroom:
Last year, Hafele inaugurated its very own two-storeyed appliances showroom in the heart of Bangalore. This luxurious space offers a retail environment for customers to experience the beautiful design and functionality of the brand’s products. Since the home appliances are displayed in live settings here, it is an ideal space for architects, designers, kitchen manufacturers, and customers as well to look for products suited to their needs.
With an ever-increasing demand for innovative appliances, Hafele has felt the need to further expand this showroom with an additional floor of around 1600 sq. feet. This grand showroom will now be spread across an expansive space of 3000 sq. feet space, which will showcase the entire range of existing as well as newly launched in-house premium Hafele products. The extended showroom was inaugurated by Mr. Chetan Chaturvedi - General Manager, Hafele Operations Pan India
What Sets Hafele Apart:
Mr. Jürgen Wolf (Managing Director – Häfele South Asia) while inaugurating the first phase of Hafele Appliances showroom said,
“Our journey with the built-in appliances business has been nothing short of extraordinary. What started as an allied business category for us over 10 years back has now become one of our leading businesses. The reasons behind this are manifold. We have strategically introduced such appliances in India and South Asia that are highly compatible with the specific lifestyle and usage patterns of this part of the world. Yet these products come with the most sophisticated technologies and the assurance of German quality. This unique proposition with a formidable service network sets us apart from contemporaries in the market.”
He further goes on to say,
“With the Hafele Appliances range, we have captured a sizeable market share targeting customers who are young, tech-savvy, aspirational and maintain the right balance of tradition and modern outlooks”
Products In Focus:
Some of the latest state of the art appliances by Hafele will be on display at the company’s newly extended showroom. These include products such as combi ovens, gas hobs, dishwashers, and washing machines that will simplify your tasks at home. Among these, you can look forward to exploring the following appliances:
1. Hafele Vertex Hobs: This exclusive range of gas hobs offers you high powered burners that produce a direct vertical and pure flame for efficient cooking. This allows even distribution of heat across the entire surface of the cooking vessel to give you a quickly cooked and tasty dish.
2. Hafele’s Diamond Series Combi Microwave: This range of ovens combine the benefits of convection and microwave cooking to give you a quickly baked dish at 30% less cooking time as compared to other appliances! The Diamond ovens specialise in giving you professional-grade cooked food, multiple cooking modes, and an easy cleaning experience.
3. 3-in-1 Combi Steam with microwave oven: If you’re into cooking healthy wholesome dishes, the new J34MCT combi-steam microwave oven is for you! This oven uses steam cooking to preserve the moisture content, remove excess salt, and prevent the escaping of nutrients from your food. It also cooks 4 times faster than other traditional cooking appliances!
4. Aqua freestanding dishwasher: With programs to take care of everyday utensils as well as delicate glassware, this appliance meets your daily washing needs effectively. The dishwasher gives a complete hygiene wash to the dishes, removing all the heavy stains and residue. This appliance also consumes low levels of water of around 11L per wash.
Visit the Hafele Appliances showroom at: No. 2/1, Shiv Manor, Langford Road, Shanthi Nagar, Bangalore – 560 027, India.

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