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Häfele Flavours is now Häfele Appliances!
29 May 2021
In 2018 Häfele launched an exclusive food and recipes channel on all major social media platforms called “Häfele Flavours”. This channel ran parallel to our Hafele India page and showcased a lot of food-related lifestyle content like videos of versatile recipes created using the Häfele Appliances. Since the start of this year, as a conscious strategy the company has now decided to use this channel to bring in contextual product content that is closely aligned to the lifestyle pieces showcased on Hafele Flavours. To expand the relevance of this channel, we have therefore decided to rename Hafele Flavours as “Hafele Appliances”, giving our customers a direct connect with our Appliances brand name.
Hafele Appliances is a range of innovative appliances that will transform your homes to provide excellence, ease and elegance. With over ten decades of experience, Häfele has been helping people make more of their homes with our best-in-class home interior solutions, world over. Hafele Appliances carries the same tradition of our Global philosophy that believes in making your everyday household chores an act of convenience.

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