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We understand your storage requirement.. The new built in line of refrigeration can be configured based on your requirement and lifestyle. You can utilize to store up to 600L with 75% refrigeration and 25% freezing specification. With ample storage the fridge can be completely adapted as per the user’s storage requirement, with metal racks for bottles, adaptive shelf slotting for small or tall utensils.


Premium in-house refrigerator’s Refrigerator has a suitable climatic class can operate optimally even at extreme temperatures. The Tropicalised compressor works perfectly for the Indian climate providing optimum cooling and humidity to the refrigerator.


Herbs are different from the regular fruits and vegetables. Herbs loses its aroma and freshness at a much higher rate compared to fruits and vegetables. A well ventilated special compartment can enhance the shelf life of the herbs. Food without the dash of freshly chopped coriander or parsley is incomplete. Keep these special herbs like coriander, mint, rosemary parsley or thyme for your everyday use !

DUO COOLING SYSTEM Built in Refrigerator
Duo Cooling System

Duo Cooling system is highly energy efficient as cooling energy and maintains appropriate temperatures in the freezer and the refrigerator compartment.


Store fruits, vegetables and dairy products at right temperature and at a right humidity level. Fruits and vegetables tends to perish faster and lose the essential micronutrients if not stored at a temperature between 0-2 degrees. Also when stored in a standard refrigerator, the fruits and vegetable tends to lose moisture and crispness in them. Introducing the fresco zone plus drawer compartment in the new Premium in-house refrigerator built in collection that will keep your. The fruits and vege


The Smart temperature sensors in the Nagold refrigerator will adapt to the user pattern and lifestyle of using the refrigerator throughout the day. Over the period of 4 weeks, the refrigerator will automatically adjust its cooling pattern to your routine of using the refrigerator in a day. This ensures no temperature variance during the entire day even during that time of the day when the fridge is opened more frequently.

Dual Cool Technology

The Dual Cool Technology that isolates the cooling between the fridge and the freezer. This ensures that the fridge and freezer has no exchange of air and are independent in terms of temperature settings. The new built in collection by Nagold provides you the sophisticated and advanced cooling technology of Twin cooling.

Quick Cool Function

The Quick Cool function prepares your refrigerator to store freshly bought groceries. When you store and stock fresh groceries in the refrigerator, the temperature inside the refrigerator fluctuates and takes longer to bring down the temperature at the original setting. When quick cool is activated the temperature of the refrigerator is quickly brought down to 2 degrees and is maintained at the same level till you switch to the regular settings


You can select the desirable temperature from 2 oC to 8 oC. The mart sensors keeps the temperature inside the compartment at minimal deviation from the selected temperature range to enhance the shelf life of the food stored inside the refrigerator.


The smart storage solution in the new built-in collection from Hafele Appliances, is designed to handle the storage of ottles and cans of all sizes and shapes and optimizes the space available for storage.

Built In Refrigerator

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