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DUAL COOLING - Free Standing Refrigerator
Fresco Zone Plus

If your food feels good, you feel better. The Fresco ZoneTM Plus drawer in the new Premium refrigerators creates an ideal habitat for your fruits, vegetables and dairy by maintaining low temperatures between 0°C and 2°C with the help of smart sensors. The humidity slots provided in the Fresco ZoneTM help adjust and maintain the right level of moisture based on the type of food stored. Fruits and vegetables require more moisture to retain their freshness and crispness compared to dairy and meat products which require lesser humidity. Food stored in the Fresco ZoneTM Plus drawer remains fresh for up to 3 times longer than food stored in a standard refrigerator drawer.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Free Standing Refrigerator
Smart Sensors

In modern times, our access to good organic food is limited to super markets. We pay attention to “Organic Produce” but we ignore that if this produce is not stored in proper conditions, it will end up losing most of its nutrients. Hafele smart refrigeration has active sensors to regulate precise temperatures in each zone. Stable temperatures across the zones help keep the food stored, be it fruits, dairy or meat, fresh for a longer time.

N SMART - Free Standing Refrigerator
Tropical Climatic Rating

The Premium refrigerators have a Tropicalised compressor with a climatic class SN-T providing optimal cooling and humidity in the temperature range of 10 °C to 43 °C. This compressor works in the best way possible for the Indian Climate where temperatures range from 53 °C to -23 °C and humidity can be as high as 85%.

Inverter Compressor

Your refrigerator works 24 × 7 to provide you with the quality food that you deserve. It therefore becomes important to have an efficient compressor that will give you ideal cooling with minimal energy consumption! The Premium refrigerators by Hafele feature an inverter compressor which helps save energy, decrease noise and preserve freshness for a longer time. The compressor never switches off even when the temperature stabilizes, but runs at a slower speed maintaining the temperature inside the refrigerator thereby preventing temperature variations and spikes in energy consumption during peak load.

Child Lock and Vacation Mode

The Premium Refrigerators by Häfele come equipped with a child lock which prevents accidental changes made in the temperature settings of the refrigerator during wiping of the panel / regular cleaning or if a kid at home fiddles with the settings unknowingly. Vacation mode in these refrigerators is designed to reduce the power consumption when you go on a holiday for longer periods of time. In vacation mode, the freezer will run normally but the refrigerator compartment will be on a standby mode.

No Frost Technology

With the no-frost technology in the Premium Refrigerators by Häfele, you don’t have to manually defrost your appliance because the built-up frost in the fridge / freezer is melted at regular intervals throughout the day and the resulting water is drained through a duct at the back of the unit. This prevents unwanted humidity inside the refrigerator and keeps your freezer ice-free thereby preventing food from frosting over.

Triple Cooling Circuits

The Triple Cooling circuits helps to maintain the temperature in fridge, freezer and convertible multi zone compartment precisely without impacting the temperature of the other compartments while temperature is regulated or changed. There are three independent cooling circuits that are responsible for maintaining temperatures in each compartment precisely. These circuits are aligned to the temperature sensors of each compartment and can be independently regulated.

Super Cool/Freeze or Quick Cool/Freeze*

When a new item is placed in the refrigerator or the freezer compartment, the temperatures usually increase, which leads to reduced freshness of items already present inside. Activate the super cool function in the fridge section and super freeze function in the freezer section of Häfele’s New Premium Refrigerators to accelerate the rate of cooling inside.

LED Light Technology

The French Door multi zone Refrigerator model comes equipped with an advanced lighting concept - Sky LED that illuminates the whole refrigerator compartment with minimal obstruction so that you have a clear view of the food stored in your refrigerator.


Hafele’s Premium Freestanding Refrigerators come with an intuitive display that allows you to regulate the refrigerator temperature independently for the fridge and the freezer compartment. The refrigerators are equipped with smart sensors that maintain the refrigerator temperatures based on the limit set by the user with minimum variation. The display also allows you to set the refrigerator to various modes like quick cool, quick freeze and holiday mode.

Free Standing Refrigerator

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