Festive cooking made easy with Häfele’s kitchen appliances

Festive Cooking Made Easy with Kitchen Appliances | Hafele Appliances

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Festive cooking made easy with Häfele’s kitchen appliances

11 November 2023


Festive cooking made easy with Häfele’s kitchen appliances

The festival of lights is one that brings the whole family together. Homes and streets are all gloriously lit to celebrate Diwali. Creating fun memories and indulging in delicious Diwali delicacies is the highlight of the festival.

While the atmosphere in the kitchen can often get chaotic, festive cooking can be made easy & convenient with Häfele’s advanced kitchen appliances. These appliances are designed to meet all your festive cooking demands. From laddus to puris, Hafele’s advanced & innovative kitchen appliances help you in making the kitchen experience effortless & delightful.  

Altius FS: Fully sealed gas hobs for a hassle-free cooking experience

A gas hob is the heart of your kitchen bustling with all the major cooking activities, making it susceptible to spillages which can get accumulated in the hob body over time. If not cleaned from time to time, this leads to unhygienic cooking conditions, interruptions during cooking and a perpetual foul smell, thereby significantly impacting your overall cooking experience.

With this fully sealed range of built-in gas hobs from Häfele, you can be rest assured that no spillage will enter the hob body, thereby reducing maintenance cycles, and leading to an effortless cooking experience, which is perfect for the high cooking demands during Diwali.

For extra safety, the Flame Failure Safety Device (FFSD) activates and automatically cuts the gas supply to the burners, in case the flame accidentally goes off, thereby preventing any fire incidents due to gas leakage. 

Additionally, the Altius FS gas hobs range makes Indian cooking convenient with the heavy-duty cast-iron pan supports which can accommodate large utensils and provide a stable base preventing disturbance while stirring and sautéing. Adding to this experience is the wok burner incorporated into these hobs which makes heavy duty cooking like deep frying easy and quick.

Rhine 90 - A smoke free and low noise kitchen experience

A cookerhood, also known as a chimney, is an often overlooked but essential kitchen appliance. It helps maintain a clean and odour-free kitchen environment, which is vital during Diwali when you're cooking multiple dishes with strong aromas. What is equally important is the amount of noise the cookerhood makes. A cookerhood which makes more noise during operation only adds to the chaos. That is why it is also vital to own a cookerhood which makes low noise.

Häfele’s Rhine 90 cookerhood comes with the unique filter-free technology. This powerful cookerhood effectively removes smoke, cooking odours, and fumes from your kitchen, keeping the air fresh and comfortable during Diwali. Now, stir-frying will no longer give you coughs and smoke, so you can always be Diwali-ready.  
Rhine 90 is designed to operate quietly, so it won't disrupt your festive ambiance. The cookerhood’s Heat Auto Clean technology is an easy way to clean it efficiently, using a heating element to remove oil and other particles from the inside of the cookerhood and easily deposit them in the oil collector that is placed below.

Combi Microwave Oven: A healthy way to make crispy delights

Keeping an eye on your health? Yet craving your favourite comfort foods during festive season? Say goodbye to sacrificing taste for a healthier lifestyle. With the Hafele combi-microwave range, you can have it all – perfectly cooked festive meals that are both indulgent and nutritious. 

With modes like Eco Grill, Traditional Bake, and Plate Warm, it is ideal for grilling, baking, quick reheating, and defrosting, saving you time and effort for other festival preparations. 
Adding ease to your cooking, the combi microwave range also has a slider touch control with a premium digital display. Built with a full glass exterior, Häfele’s combi microwave oven also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. 

ARK 630: One solution for all your festive refrigeration needs

Häfele’s ARK 630 refrigerator is powered by UltraFresh technology which regulates humidity and temperature levels within the refrigerator, eliminates unpleasant odours, keeping vegetables and fruits fresh for an extended period. 
The convertible zone feature of the ARK 630 refrigerator helps convert the two freezer zones into fridge zones in a flash. Its triple cooling technology offers precise temperature control across the two freezer zones and one fridge zone, keeping your sweet, snacks and festive dishes fresh, so you can make them in advance and store them to prolong their freshness.  

In addition, the refrigerator also comes with Super Freeze/Cool modes which ensure the temperature is kept consistently low even when a new item is placed in the freezer, so that the existing items don’t lose their freshness, while the Holiday mode reduces the power consumption when you go on a holiday for longer periods of time, by putting the fridge compartment on standby.

Effortless Diwali cooking requires the right kitchen appliances including hobs, cookerhoods, microwaves, and refrigerators which are essential for achieving this goal. These appliances not only save you time but also ensure that your dishes are cooked to perfection, your kitchen remains clean and odour-free, and your ingredients stay fresh. As you celebrate Diwali with your loved ones, these kitchen appliances will be your reliable partners, allowing you to create delicious meals and memorable moments with ease. Enjoy hassle-free Diwali cooking with Hafele’s kitchen appliances.

Happy Diwali!


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