Picking A New Combi Microwave Oven: The 5-Point Checklist

5-Point Checklist for Choosing Your New Combi Microwave Oven | Hafele Appliances

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Picking A New Combi Microwave Oven: The 5 Point Checklist

21 November 2020


One home chef to another, we all fantasize about getting that perfect all-in-one Combi microwave oven that will speedily handle all our cooking whims in the kitchen. Combi ovens help upgrade your cooking game by giving you all the benefits of a microwave as well as those of baking, grilling, steaming, and more. Now you can cook all the gourmet foods and treats you want in your own home! 

But when it comes to choosing the right one, the options can get a tad overwhelming! With so many ads and brochures to distract us, it can get easy to lose sight of what we want. To save you this added trouble, we at Hafele have come up with a simple checklist. This will help you select the right Combi Oven to suit all your cooking and baking needs in the kitchen.


1. Check for multiple cooking modes

Always look for a Combi Oven that gives you the benefits of both traditional heating as well as convection mode. The convection mode not only speeds up the cooking process but also evenly distributes the heat all over your dish. Unlike a regular microwave, it also allows you to cook a wider variety of succulent dishes!

Most importantly, don't forget to choose an oven that has modes to grill, roast, preheat, and defrost food. If you’re into healthy cooking, you can also opt for a Combi-steam oven.


2. Can cook multiple dishes at once.

We can't deny that Indian cooking involves a lot of multitasking with dishes cooking left and right in the kitchen. To suit these needs, look for a Combi Oven with multiple racks that allow you to cook at least two to three dishes simultaneously without transferring their flavours into each other.

3. Check for auto cook settings

This feature allows you to cook your food with a touch of your fingertips! Make sure you choose a Combi Oven that also comes with a preset cooking menu to ease your cooking efforts. Here, you don’t need to set the time or the power configuration. Simply press a button to specify the dish type and get a wholesome meal or dessert curated for you!


4. Easy to cook and clean

To fit in the modern kitchen, Combi Oven tend to be compact and have lesser parts. This makes the cleaning process hassle-free! Additionally, look for ovens that have a flatbed surface and a seamless cavity, which leaves no gaps for oil stains and food residues to hide. Don’t forget to check if the Combi Oven has a self-cleaning feature.


5. Functional design

Look for features like easy one-touch controls or glazed glass doors that are not only functional in design but give a modern aesthetic look to your kitchen. Triple or quadruple glazed pane doors not only trap more heat inside the oven to give you a better-cooked dish but also leave the outside of the door cooler to the touch.

With your very own checklist, there’s nothing left but to go shopping for a brand new Combi Oven. And what can be more perfect than Hafele? Our combi microwaves and combi-steam ovens not only tick all these points in this checklist but also give you a plethora of special features than you could ever imagine!


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