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Your Weekly Meal Prep Made Easy, Know-How

21 November 2020


Your Weekly Meal Prep Made Easy, Know-How

When it comes to maintaining an Indian kitchen, it takes a lot of tips and tricks for things to go running smoothly. Be it storing the tomato puree in the fridge or kneaded atta that lasts the entire family - meal preps tend to help us speed up the cooking of delicious dishes. But what if we said that you could now prep faster along with reducing the amount of appliance clutter in your kitchen?

Hafele's all in one machine, Klara helps you do all these things in one go. With a beater, whisker, dough kneader, blender, and the sharpest cutters in its arsenal, it is a formidable ally when it comes to planning your cooking exploits. Here are some ways it helps you to up the meal prepping game in your kitchen:

1. Knead the dough hassle-free with Klara.

The kitchen machine has a dough hook that uses a precise kneading movement to mould an amazingly soft dough for chapatis. It also ensures that the kneading tasks are done quickly and efficiently with no sticky hands being involved in the process to get the job done.

When meal prepping for the week, this function comes in handy to knead large amounts of chapati atta that will last you for at least 3 days. Merely add the required flour into the mixing bowl, attach the dough hook, and start the machine. Keep adding water slowly at regular intervals, and you’re done! This also works well to knead the dough for crispy pooris, chaklis, mathris, and more.

2. Use the beater to prep for easy breakfast meals.

We all have those days when cooking breakfast right from scratch feels like too much work after waking up. With Klara's beater function, you can mix your own dosa and idli batter in advance. Keep the batter in the fridge, and it will last the entire week!

The beater attachment is equipped with a configuration that mixes the batter at a constant speed and regular pace. This gives it a homogenous texture, which may later aid you in spreading the batter smoothly on the tawa.

3. Chop, slice, and grate like a ninja!

3. Chop, slice, and grate like a ninja!

Klara's different cutting blades work fast to do all the tedious chopping of fresh produce for you. These blades give you the flexibility to chop the veggies evenly in various shapes and sizes.

From thinly grated carrots to finely chopped onions and sliced zucchini noodles - you can have all the veggies diced in no time! Store them to later toss in curries, salads, kadhai sabzis, pulav, and fried rice. You can also get some fruits chopped beforehand, pop them in zip lock bags and freeze to make instant smoothies later.

4. Blend curry pastes and grind dry masalas with ease.

Make good use of the wet blender attachment to make ginger garlic paste, tomato puree, or even curry pastes. Store these in airtight containers in the fridge and use them later to whip up easy and delicious meals! The blender also works well to give you thick shakes and creamy smoothies.

It also comes with a small dry grinder to help you grind spices and pulverize sugar with ease. With this, you can effortlessly grind coriander seeds, coconuts, peppercorns, and groundnuts ahead of time to be used later while cooking.

5. Make the perfect stuffing with Klara’s metal mincer.

When it comes to making meal fillings, these tend to take time when done by hand. Instead, Klara's heavy-duty metal mincer helps you in precise mincing of meat quickly and efficiently. You can prep for the week by mincing the meat and veggies for sausage stuffings, momos, dumplings, and kheema. It cuts half your prepping time and efforts in the kitchen.

6. Whisk away like a professional baker.

Klara comes with a professional-grade whisker attachment that uses a planetary movement to consistently whisk the ingredients. This method of whisking gives you perfectly whipped cream and egg whites that can later be used to make delicious cakes and desserts!

Now that you have a prep guide, you can reduce your efforts in the kitchen with Klara. An all in one kitchen machine, it will cut half your meal prepping time and save your precious energy by doing the everyday-mundane kitchen tasks for you.


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