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Dishwashers In Indian Kitchens - The New Normal

21 November 2020


Dishwashers In Indian Kitchens - The New Normal

With the pandemic bringing in maid troubles and the oncoming hassles of the festive season nigh upon us, dishwashers are finally getting their due attention in the Indian kitchen! Previously often neglected as being "foreign" or "too fancy", these magical machines are now slowly being appreciated as time and energy savers in our kitchens. So, we at Hafele have decided it’s high time to bust some established myths and give you reasons to stop chasing your elusive maid but buy yourself a dishwasher instead! 

1. Dishwashers cannot clean heavy stains found in Indian cookware.

It is often assumed that dishwashers are not built for Indian utensils and cookware since these get stained with masalas and oily gravies. This couldn’t be more further from the truth. Since Hafele dishwashers run an intensive wash at high temperatures and spray pressure, it will break down the toughest stains! Be it a dal filled Kadhai or a milk-stained saucepan, all of these will come out clean and germ-free.

2. It is only suitable for large families.

It is true that Hafele dishwashers can hold an impressive 14 place setting that takes care of large households. However, it is also highly suitable for smaller families since you can run a half load. In fact, you will not only have ample space but also save some water and energy in the process!

3. Dishwashers waste a lot of water.

Research has proven otherwise. Dishwashers use only an average of 10 to 11 litres of water per wash which is around 5 times lesser than the water used when dishes are done by hand! Besides, we also tend to let the water run from the tap during the wash, which causes more wastage! Additionally, our dishwashers also come equipped with sensors that detect water loss and then compensate by circulating water around equally to prevent wastage. 

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4. They cannot deep clean and become a home for bacteria.

Did you know that the sponges that you use for washing dishes become a hub for bacteria overtime? Hafele dishwashers, on the other hand, run at high temperatures which kill 99.9% bacteria, remove sticky residue, and leave behind no odour to give your cookware the hygienic deep clean it needs!

It is also widely assumed that dishes need to be pre-rinsed for thorough cleaning. This is not necessary as the dishwasher and the detergents inside work to take care of everything. All you need to do is remove unnaturally large leftovers beforehand if there are any.

5. Dishwashers can amp up the electricity bill.

Most dishwashers use electricity only for heating up the water to wash the utensils. Since they’re known to use less water, it will use minimal energy that will not give you an outrageous electricity bill.

6. It will break expensive crockery!

Hafele dishwashers come with a glass care program that gives a gentle wash to your delicate glassware. In fact, there are adjustable soft mug shelves that will help your crockery stay firmly in place. So, go ahead and place those wine glasses and glass bowls in the dishwasher without fear! 

Now that all these myths are laid to rest, you don’t need to take matters into your own hands! Rather, free yourself from the monotonous task of washing dishes and leave them to be cleaned by dishwashers instead.


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