Latest and innovative features added to the new range of contemporary Gas hobs

The 3 most innovative features seen in the contemporary gas hobs

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Latest and innovative features added to the new range of contemporary Gas hobs

01 November 2022


Latest and innovative features added to the new range of contemporary Gas hobs

Starting from the traditional “Chulhas”, we have come a long way when it comes to cooktops.

And, as usual, Hafele has pioneered providing the latest technologically advanced gas hobs for the users. It has successfully maintained its position in providing some of the best products for our Indian users.

Let’s see 3 of the most brilliantly innovative features introduced in today’s contemporary Gas hobs and how Hafele has assimilated these technologies within our product.

To serve our customers the best, Hafele has designed the gas hobs to seamlessly blend in the latest advanced technologies in accordance with traditional Indian cooking needs.

From quick Gulab Jamuns to slowly cooking Biryani, Hafele gas hobs adapt themselves to the cooking expectations.

Vertex Flame

Vertex flame enables direct injection of fuel and air, resulting in a high-power burner with a uniform flame distribution for even cooking.

A vertex flame design creates 440 identical flame holes punched at a 30-degree angle to deflect the flame to rise vertically, aiding in the even distribution of the heat across the entire surface of the cooking vessel.

Vertex flames give the most optimum cooking experience, delivering perfectly cooked dishes with the right texture and consistency.

This intelligent technology used in Hafele’s hobs is one of the reasons why all the vortex hobs, including Vortex 590 built-in 5 brass burners gas hobs, work with high efficiency.

Vortex series hobs consume 12% less fuel than any regular brass burner of equivalent power output due to the vertical flame resulting from vertex flames, as it prevents heat loss from the burner sides.

Flame Modulation

The Flame Modulation technology lets you control the burner’s heat output at varying rates.

Like Vortex 480 built-in4 brass burners, Hafele's vortex series hobs  are efficiently designed to maintain the flame modulation from high heating to low searing cooking.

You can control and regulate the inner and outer flame strengths independently to achieve more temperature precision during cooking!

Indian cooking needs different modulation heat ranges required for different types of dishes. Hence, with the inscription of this technology, Hafele attempts to contribute to the ease of Indian users.

Flame Drape Effect

The flame drape effect is another superior advanced technology amplified into Hafele’s vortex series hobs.

These gas hobs are designed to build a balanced flame for uniform and potent cooking.

The design is such that the web of this distinct flame creates a drape effect, where the flame rises vertically and drapes itself around any cooking vessel.

This significantly reduces unnecessary heat transfer outside the cooking zone—the flame-drape effect results in overall heating efficiency and enhanced burner performance.

The burners are also designed in such a way that they control any turbulence in the flame that might eventually result in high levels of heat loss.

The burners infuse maximum air during the ignition cycle and premix the fuel to give out a pure blue flame.

Fully Sealed Hobs

Our newly launched Altius hobs are yet another group of excellent quality gas hobs equipped with several brilliantly innovative hob features.

These hobs are 100% fully sealed and engineered to prevent any spillage from entering their inner cavities making them functionally effective and increasingly durable. The unique jet design of the burners minimises blockage due to spillage ensuring consistent flame output.

They are also integrated with heat protectors and cast-iron pan support. Altius FS 378 Built-In Fully Sealed Gas Hob is a fantastic example of this feature.

The heat protectors prevent the glass and knobs from heating up.

Auto Electric Ignition

Earlier, one had to search for a matchbox or a lighter to ignite the burners of the gas hobs.

The scariest part of these older types of gas hobs was the gap between the opening of the knob and the ignition.

Fuel loss was a significant issue due to this gap.

With the auto-ignition feature, just turning on the knob of the hob triggers an electrical spark within it to ignite the gas in the burner.

Besides, the pin has a protective brass cover that increases its life span.

Auto ignition feature is thus a safer, secure, instant, easy, and appealing innovative technology added to the modern gas hobs.


Modern cooking demands faster and more optimum methods to match the fast-paced living of the 21st century. Hafele commits to furnishing these simple yet highly productive day-to-day solutions.


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