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Perimetric Suction

Improves efficiency, saves energy and expands the suction area to the perimeter of the hood with extraordinary performance.

Feather Touch Interface

The Hood embeds advanced modern touch technologies to impart an exclusive impression along with precise settings.

LED strip ambient light

The uniques LED strips give out a brighter luminosity with a minimal energy consumption thereby contributing to a greener environment.

The Silent Hood

The hood is designed to operate at lower sound levels. It gives your kitchen a more silent, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere.


An automatic run-on facility, keeps the range hood working for additional minutes and helps remove lingering cooking odours.


Our cooker hoods have advanced features packaged in an elegant design with LED lights. The result is high-powered, yet stylish efficiency.


The aluminium mesh filters suck in grease from the cooking vapours, reduce odours, and purify the air in your kitchen.


Functional and ergonomic, Nagold hood controls are designed for a quieck and simple operation, and Electronics precision to control the rate of extraction which can be varied to suit different types of cooking, providing efficiency at minimal cost.

Distinctive Features of DATURA 60 PLUS and DATURA 90 PLUS

Premium Anthracite Finish

The Premium Anthracite Finish of Datura Plus complements black hobs perfectly and fits in well with modern and contemporary kitchen designs.

Feather Touch Control Panel wi

Datura Plus possesses a Feather Touch Control Panel with Electronic Display which makes operating the cooker hood a piece of cake. The display keeps you informed of the operation of the cooker hood.

Linear LED Lighting Panel

The Linear LED Lighting Panel in Datura Plus provides even cool lighting for your kitchen countertop without any dark spots/ shadows on the cooking area. The lighting works independent of the operation of the cooker hood and hence can be used even while washing, chopping or mixing spices.

Oil Collector

The Oil Collector in Datura Plus collects excess grease from the smoke that passes through the filters. With capacities of 0.8 L (for 60 cm model) and 1.2 L (for 90 cm model), the oil collector requires cleaning less often. Moreover, to keep you informed about its status, the oil collector comes with an eyelet indicator that lets you check the level of oil in real time. The oil collector needs to be cleaned when it is filled about two-thirds of the entire capacity.

Powerful Motor

Datura Plus has a Powerful Motor with an airflow rate of 800 m cube hour that enables the cooker hood to exhaust a high volume of smoke out of any standard sized Indian kitchen. A constant air circulation and efficient ventilation is maintained throughout the cooking time owing to this suction power.

Anti-drip Filtration System

The new Anti-drip Filtration System in Datura Plus facilitates highly efficient and noiseless extraction. The rising smoke from the cooking process is lighter and passes through the anti-drip filters while the heavier oil particles settle down on the filters and through the curved channels get directed down to the oil collector where they are accumulated. Anti-drip filters don’t get blocked with oil/ grease particles over a period of time which prevents dripping of oil back on the hood.

Wall Mounted Hoods

Datura 90 Plus

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Datura 60 Plus

DATURA 60 PLUS - 60cm Anthracite Hood
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