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Active Clean Technology

The dishwasher is equipped with active clean technology that combines. n High temperature wash with 70oC wash & rinse cycles. Additional high temperature Rinse cycle. Three powerful Spin-Spray arms to cover all the nook and corner of the dishes during wash. 99.99% germ free dishes due to consistent temperature of above 60oC during wash cycles.

Make way for more utensils

AQUA 14XL is bigger and can accommodate more utensils. With a dedicated space for cutlery, the bottom basket can now accommodate more dishes like plates, pots and pans. You can load approximately 160 utensils* in this dishwasher.

Steel for a Stainless wash !

Stainless steel drums perform well in both hot and cold temperatures. The high temperature washes can only be sustained for the longer period of time only with a high quality stainless steel tub without a welded or a plastic base or patch inside the drum. Hafele makes all its dishwashers with 100% Stainless Steel drum. The hybrid drums (also called polinox drums) available in the market gets easily worn out within a year of wash cycles. The hybrid drum has a shorter lifespan owing to a higher wear and tear due to high temperature wash cycles. Steel is strong and also food safe that will never fail even when exposed to temperatures, grease, oil and acids present in the cooking spices.

Organize the cutlery*

A dedicated cutlery tray for spoons, knives, spatula and forks that can make a whole difference in the organization of these smaller items. Its much easier to stack and place the cutlery in this dedicated rack, instead of a cutlery basket, that would have otherwise occupied a large space at the bottom rack of the dishwasher. This will allow you to stack up some kadai / pan on the lower basket.

Quieter Wash Cycles

The advanced dishwasher motor is designed to give you a quieter dishwashing experience. You can enjoy a peaceful time in your kitchen while the dishes are washed alongside. 49dBA noise level at max. is what you can expect from a Hafele dishwasher.

Soft Touch Shelves !

The soft touch shelves are designed to provide a firm yet gentle hold for the dishes you load in the dishwasher in order to avoid any scratch and abrasion during loading, unloading and wash cycles. These are nylon coated steel shelves that are very easy to clean. These shelves are very smooth therefore they glide away the water or any stain. Wipe them clean with a soft cloth in case they are dam.

Adaptable Racks

The baskets of the dishwashers are designed to accommodate tall or short glasses. The adjustable racking system can make way for crockeries of different shapes and sizes.

No More Wet Utensils

Hafele Dishwashers have an integrated drying function with the wash cycles. The drying cycle ensures that the moisture from the utensils are drawn out once the rinsing is over. The fan assisted drying is activated after the final rinse cycle.

Delayed Start Program

You can time your wash cycle by choosing to start your program after 3 / 6 / 9 hours of delayed time. This feature is useful when you want to accumulate dishes over the day and want to start the dishwasher at a certain time to ensure you get readily cleaned dishes available at the time you need.

One & Done!

Hafele dishwashers come with tablet dispensing option, that gives you an easy way to wash the dishes without worrying about the salt and rinse aid*. Just pop in one tablet in the dishwasher detergent compartment and start the desired program. *Note: I- In case you are washing glassware or plastic, it is recommended to load rinse aid to aid the drying process and avoid clouding on the glass surface II- In case the water hardness level in your area is very high, it is recommended to use salt to soften the water for an effective wash cycle.

Intensive Clean for Kadai and Pans

High temperature washing and rinsing program comes to the rescue when it is about the cleaning of highly greasy and soiled dishes. Whether it’s a over-heated stains on your kadais or frying pans, the new Aqua 14XL does the job for you with the intensive program cycle. Intensive Program Pre-wash (50oC) → Wash (60oC) → 3x Rinse (70oC) →Dry

Regular Washdays

During the regular days of cooking when you have medium load of utensils to wash and the dishes are not heavily soiled or greased, you can use the normal wash program that is adept to handle medium soiled mixed loads of dishes. Normal Program Pre-wash (45oC) → Wash (55oC) → 2x Rinse (65oC) → Dry

All Clean in 90 Mins

The 90 min program intensifies the wash performance for medium soiled dishes. It kick starts with the washing cycle and ensures a 100% clean and germ free dishwashing for you! 90 Min Program Wash (65oC) → 2x Rinse (65oC) → Dry

The Green Wash

Special wash program “ECO WASH” is designed to give you a 100% clean and germ free dishes with minimal water and electricity consumption. The ECO mode can wash Medium soiled dishes with 11L of water and less than 1 unit of energy consumption. ECO Program Prewash → Wash (45oC) →Rinse (65oC) → Dry

No time to wait !

Get clean dishes in just 30 mins. The rapid program speeds up the washing cycle for a lightly soiled medium load of dishes. For a serving size for 2-3 persons and for lightly soiled dishes this program can be used to reduce the waiting time for dish cleaning. The dishes will still be washed at 60oC to give you a better cleaning result. 30 Min Program Wash (45oC) → 2XRinse (55oC)

See through the Glass!

Glassware and crystal wares must be treated and washed separately. Glass wares have always been given a separate treatment even while washing with hands. The Glassware needs a mild temperature and lower spray pressure yet a good dose of rinse aid to keep its sheen intact. Glass Program Pre-wash (30oC) →Wash (40oC) → 2x Rinse (60oC) → Dry


12 Soup Spoons, 12 Forks, 12 Knives, 12 Tea Spoons, 12 Dessert Spoons, 2 Serving Spoons, 1 Serving Fork, 1 Gravy Ladle

Precise and Efficient

These dishwashers are equipped with smart sensors ensuring optimal amount of water circulation.

Height Adjustable Upper Basket

The height of the upper basket can be adjusted at different levels, offering flexible stacking of different types and sizes of dishes.

Powerful Jet Spray Arms

The leftover food in the dishes is flushed out of the system through high power jet sprays to give a clean wash.

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