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The VORTEX series is a unique burner design that is exclusively designed by Hafele to take care of a large variety of cooking done on Flat pan to a wok cooking. The burners are designed in fully brass material that is premium and gives longevity of life to the burners. Our hobs promise you high durability, precise functionality, flexibility in cooking and safety with their minimalist design, while the glass and gun-metal surface finish impart an elegance to your kitchen interiors.

Vertex Flame

Vertex Flame design aids in Even heat distribution across the surface of the cooking utensil while reducing fuel consumption. It consumes 12% less fuel compared to the regular brass burner of equivalent power output, due to its vertical flame that completely eliminates the heat loss from the sides of the burners when pots are placed.


With the Vortex Series Hobs, we bring to you the highest quality of brass with high durability and superior heat retention that can withstand up to 800ºC of heat. The brass burners have a very high heat resistance and therefore is a highly desirable material for power burners.


Vertex Burner hobs are designed to give you the most balanced flame. The web of this distinct flame creates a drape effect, where the flame rises vertically and drapes itself around any type of cooking vessel; quite akin to a piece of cloth that seamlessly covers objects of varying shapes. The flame-drape effect results in overall heating efficiency and enhanced performance of the burner.

Cast Iron Pan Support with Heat Protection

Heavy-duty cast-iron pan support easily accommodates large utensils and provides a stable base to them preventing disturbance while stirring and sautéing. To avoid any unwanted heating of exposed surfaces around the burners, Hafele has exclusively designed the pan support with heat barriers so that nearby surfaces do not heat up.

Silicon Seal

Silicone seal keeps the hob base safe from spillage by containing the spilled liquid within the drip tray

Flame Modulation

Vertex Burner wok burner is designed to take care of high heating to low searing cooking. You can independently regulate the inner and outer flame giving you more precision of temperature during cooking! The big Vertex burner can modulate between 0.72kW – 4.3 kW

It's all about safety!

All Vortex Series Hobs come with a Flame Failure Safety Device (FFSD) that gets activated the moment the flame accidently goes off. It automatically cuts off the gas supply to the burners, thus, preventing any instance of fire accidents due to gas leakage. The result – your kitchen and home is safe from any kind of gas leakage accidents.

Premium Knobs

Gun-metal finish, defined and grooved edges gives the knob a distinct signature aesthetics. The knobs are designed for a better grip and easy maintenance and cleaning.


The beveled edge makes your installation flushed and more minimalist. The matt beveling gives the hob a defined look and enhances the overall aesthetics of the hob.

Vortex Series

Vortex 000

Vortex 000 - 100 Cm BUILT IN 4 Brass Burners Gas Hob
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Vortex 590

Vortex 590 - 90cm BUILT IN 5 Brass Burners Gas Hob
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Vortex 490

Vortex 490 - 90 Cm BUILT IN 4 Brass Burners Gas Hob
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Vortex 480

Vortex 480 - 80cm BUILT IN 4 Brass Burner Gas Hob
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Vortex 470

Vortex 470 - 70cm BUILT IN 4 Brass Burners Gas Hob
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Vortex 460

Vortex 460 - 60 Cm BUILT IN 4 Brass Burner Gas Hob
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Vortex 378

Vortex 378 - 78 Cm BUILT IN 3 Brass Burners Gas Hob
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