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Precise Control Of Flame

The Zeta Series of Hobs from Hafele come with an efficient valve that controls the burner flame seamlessly. As a result, you can precisely control the temperatures needed at the time of cooking. The high quality valve used in the Zeta hobs is designed to handle the different output of heat from different configuration of burners.

Embrace Power

Hafele introduces its 6th generation of Zeta hobs that come with more power and better functionality! The brass crowned burner design and the ignition pin that comes with a brass jacket, enhance the overall safety of these hobs. The latest design of cast iron pan support complements the burners. The new and improved knob design allow for easy control of the flame. The long-edged glass with a matt beveling offer a seamless and flushed installation, richly complementing the overall aesthetics.

The Flame Triology

The dual function wok burner is designed to make your deep frying, roasting,and boiling quick, easy and precise. The burner has evenly distributed flames that provide even heat throughout the vessel. The dual control enables the user to use the burner on a full output giving out 4.7kW of output on the highest setting whereas 0.5kW of output on the lowest setting where only the inner ring can be operated.


The medium burner is designed to cater to the slow cooking food and hot beverages. The balanced heat output of 3.5kW of this burner is suitable for the food that needs a controlled temperature for a longer and slow cooking process to enhance aroma and flavours in the dish cooked.

Small, Simple But Significant!

The Dual ring burner is small and is designed for handling delicate food that requires minimal heat. It is greatly helpful in making white sauces, melting chocolates and even preparing a seasoning on a tadka bowl for dishes like dal tadka and jeera rice.

Premium Metal Knobs

Gun-metal finish, defined and grooved edges gives the knob distinct signature aesthetics. The knobs are designed for a better grip and easy maintenance and cleaning..

Its All About Safety!

The FFSD is a device valve that gets activated the moment the flame accidently goes off. It automatically cuts off the gas supply to the burners, thus, preventing any instance of fire accidents due to gas leakage.
The result – your kitchen and home is safe from any kind of gas leakage accidents.

Its All About Safety!

The auto electric ignition gives the customer complete freedom from lighters and other external ignition tools. The Zeta Hobs’ ignition pin comes with a protective brass cover that increases the service life of the pin.

Beveled Edges

The beveled edges makes your installation flushed and more minimalistic. The matt beveling gives the hob a defined look and enhances the overall aesthetics of the hob.

Zeta Plus Series

Zeta 480 Plus

80cm BUILT-IN HOB - Zeta 480 Plus
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Zeta 460 Plus

60cm BUILT-IN HOB - Zeta 460 Plus
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Zeta 378 Plus

78cm BUILT-IN HOB - Zeta 378 Plus
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