4 Burner Gas Hobs

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4 Burner Volcano Gas
Enjoy the generous 111cm width of this Volcano Panoramic Gas Cooktop and the luxury of having two wok burners instead of one. Stylish and sophisticated, this model allows any cook to create delicious dishes and look good doing it.
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Product Highlights
Most Effective Wok Burner
The Fusion Volcano Wok™ burner is different to most wok burners. It generates a vast amount of heat and effectively directs it to the base of the pan, rather than around the sides. It also maintains a high temperature even when you add more ingredients. This instantaneous heat transfer will help you to create the perfect wok dishes in your own home.
Triple Your Wok Function
As well as having the Volcano function with directed flame, the Fusion Volcano Wok™ burner has an additional outer flame for larger pots and a simmer setting for lower heat cooking. This can be used, for instance, to keep a small pot containing sauce just below boiling point.

Technical specifications

  • Features

    Brass fusion volcano  burner

    Metal Knob for high power volcanic Burner

    Automatic ignition

  • Indicator

    Power on indicator

  • Performance

    2x6000 W

    2x2000 W

  • Cleaning

    One piece body, burners, removable knobs for easy cleaning, smooth cast iron trivets, 3 separate spill zones

  • Safety

    Thermal - electrical safety device, auto cut off if gas supply is interrupted

  • Product Dimensions (WXHXD):

    1114 mm X 48 mm X 412 mm

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