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Preserving and improving your kitchen environment for more than 30 years

Since its foundation ago, Falmec has always sought responsible and respectful means of balancing production and attention to resources, the market and sustainability. Over the years, it created its own code, adjusting its business and refining its approach. These principles and commitment is called 'Green Deal', because it forms a pact whereby Falmec transmits such attention and sensitivity to its products and therefore, its customers.

The value of Falmec kitchen hoods and exhaust systems is the result of a precise calling for quality. A vocation that, from the company beginnings, has expressed itself in the choice to exclusively make these kinds of products, in an effort to concentrate technological know-how into a single specialised area and achieve excellent results in this area. 

For this reason Falmec hoods represent the absolute highest levels of functionality, yield, and duration over time. A guarantee that air in the kitchen is clean, and always purified of odours and vapours. With the addition of a stylish design that complements the kitchen area in a way that is in tune with the latest contemporary style tendencies.

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