Grill Plate

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A perfect complement to your cooking equipment offering the flexibility of turning your ASKO Bridge Induction™ hob into a Grill without the need to buy another appliance.
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Product Highlights
Strong and durable construction
High quality cast aluminium base with MicroCeramic coating makes it perfect for fast preheating and even distribution
Two different heat zones on same plate
Possibility to have two different heat zones on the plate (front and back), for example harder frying in one part and keeping warm on the other.
Anti stick coating
No burned food or burnt leftovers on the plate, making it easy to clean

Technical specifications


    423 x 248 mm

    Colour : Anthracite

    MicroCeramic coating

    Variable cooking zones controlled by your Bridge Induction™ hob

    A grill plate suitable for all types of grilling

    Rapid preheating of the Grill plate

    Made from cast aluminum, hand-cast

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