SPAZIO - Island Cooker Hood

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Spazio amplifies the features of a suspended hood. The term ‘spazio’ refers to space in Italian and as its name suggests, this cookerhood versatility is a key point that has been reached by increasing available room around the hood, allowing use on multiple levels, for a complete and dynamic experience.
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Product Highlights
Circle.Tech Technology
Circle.Tech is a revolutionary system integrating extraction and filtering into a single unit. This allows maximum efficiency whilst not compromising on the space in the kitchen.
Carbon.Zeo Filter
Carbon.Zeo uses materials of natural origin such as zeolite and activated charcoal. The activated charcoal retains substances by trapping their molecules and absorbing them and zeolite releases heat whenever it comes into contact with moisture, thus together they reduce odours as well as absorb steam produced by cooking.
Smoked Glass Shelves
Smoked glass shelves gives an advantage to store crockery or any other useful object in the kitchen right on top of the Spazio. Also, there is a provision for ladle holder, spice jar holder and paper roll holder.
Plants growing kit
Spazio can have a little indoor garden to home grow some aromatic plants for which a special photosynthesis light has been provided

Technical specifications

  • Technical data

    Motor:  600 m3/h

    Control:  3 Speed + boost, electronic control

    Filters:  Aluminium mesh filter, Carbon Zeo filter

    Lighting:  4 x LED strip (3000K)

    Finish:  Black-painted Steel chassis

    Sound Pressure level (min-max) :  48dB(A) - 61dB(A)

    Minimum distance from Cooker Top

    Gas hob :  65cm

    Electric hob :  52cm

    Product Dimensions(WxHxD) in mm :  1800 x 900-1550 x 600

    Article No. :  537.81.209

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