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Despite Asko’s 65 years in the industry, they do not rest on their laurels. Asko always strives to understand how we can make our products even better. Asko have done their best to learn from real people, finding out what they think are the biggest problems in the laundry room. Asko combined these insights with our years of experience in both domestic and commercial laundry to create a new generation of good-looking, user-friendly, innovative and long-lasting washing machines and tumble dryers.

Asko’s more than 60 years of designing kitchen appliances has taught them exactly what works well in a dishwasher. Through careful research and understanding of how people use these products, Asko have developed dishwashers that are exceptionally water and energy efficient, durable, and attractive. As with every item Asko create, these powerful Scandinavian appliances are designed with one central aim in mind: making everyday life simpler for our customers.
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