Drying Cabinet

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Drying Cabinet
ASKO drying cabinets are very spacious with enough room to accommodate the equivalent of a 16-metre clothesline.
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Product Highlights
Drying with care
Check the labels on your clothes and you’ll see that many garments and materials need very careful treatment. Silk, velvet and satin, for example, need to be handled with care. That’s when a drying cabinet comes in handy.
Shoe care
It’s not just rubber boots that can be dried in a drying cabinet. All leather shoes need to rest between each use to allow moisture to escape. If you use them before they have dried, the seams will eventually break and they will lose their fit. Put them in the drying cabinet when you get home from work and they are ready for your evening walk an hour later

Technical specifications

  • Installation type :

  • Colour :

  • Capacity (kg) :

  • Dryer type :

  • Construction & Performance :

    Body material: Painted steel

    Handle Brushed: stainless steel

    Reinforced and sound-proofed door: •

    Door guide for perfect alignment: •

    Direct blowing into compartment: •

    Dewatering capacity (g/min): 17.5

    Total drying length (m): 16

    Fan capacity (m3/h): 180

  • Use & Flexibility:

    Super careful drying of all fabrics: •

    Foldable pull-out hangers: •

    Door hanger: • 2

    Glove hanger: •

    Bar for hangers: • 2

    Auto programmes: •

  • Interface type :

  • Interaction & Control :

    Display type: LCD/Electronic

    Program selector and option keys: •

    Time selection: •

    Temperature selection: •

    Remaining time indication: •

    End of programme indicator: •

    Programme memory: •

  • Programmes :

    Auto extra dry: •

    Auto cupboard dry: •

    Auto normal dry: •

    Warm towels: •

    Timed dry: •

    Cold dry: •

  • Options :

    Normal temperature: •

    High temperature: •

    Delayed start: •

  • Technical data :

    Max connection rating (W): 2000

    Voltage (V): 220-240

    Frequency (Hz): 50

    Fuse (A): 10

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