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UK Strix Control Thermostat

Equipped with the UK Strix Thermostat Control (the world’s leading thermostat), Hafele’s Analog collection of kettles with a concealed heating system provides you with precise temperature controls.

External water level indicator

The external water level indicator on the kettles shows the water levels inside the kettle and thereby prompts you for a refill as and when required.

Temperature Analog Display

Afraid of overheating the water in the kettle? Stress no more with the temperature display integrated in our new kettles you can now keep a watch and easily achieve the desired water temperature.

Boil-dry Protection

This safety feature, integrated in the Dome and Queen Kettles, cuts-off the power when it senses that there is no water left in the kettle or the water level is below the minimum level required
(i.e. 0.7 L).

Detachable micro-mesh filter

The detachable fine mesh filters found in the spout of the Dome & Queen Kettles restrain all pieces of limescale in the kettle from being poured into your drink.

LED indicator Light

LED Indicator Light with On/Off Switch: The kettles come with an LED light switch which indicates if it has been turned on or not.



The Dome Kettle (1.7 L) - DOME OPAL
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The Dome Kettle (1.7 L) - DOME JADE
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