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Need of VacuoTechnology in your life

Oxygen is the main cause of erosion, ageing and rotting. Vacuuming food, juices or any form of blends removes the oxygen responsible for the oxidation and subsequent depletion of micro-nutrients. You can derive upto 90% of nutrition in your food/drinks if it is stored under vacuumed condition as compared to it being stored in an exposed condition.

the VacuoTechnology

The high pressure vacuum helps remove air and oxygen during blending which are responsible for oxidation of food/drinks as well as the subsequent depletion of the micro-nutrients thereby enhancing the shelf life and the nutrient content of the blended food.


When you blend at high speed the air bubbles do not allow the complete and uniform blending of fruits and vegetables which is why within just an hour a clear separation starts to occur. When food starts oxidizing, the color and texture of the food changes. It is the first visible indication that the nutrients in the food have started depleting.

AdapTech Control & Display

Provides host of options to select from the 8 Preset functions while showing the real-time speed, time and temperature inside the blending jar.

Dual operation: Touch + knob

Convenience of touch + knob operation for comfort of the user. Adjust the speed manually during “blending” cycle.

30000 RPM

3D Stainless Steel blades ensure high speed blending of upto 30000 RPM does the job in fraction of time, saving the blender from running for too long.

Tritan Jar

Free from any harmful chemicals contained in plastic. Provides clarity, toughness and dishwasher durability.

Air Release Valve

Use this valve to release the vacuum inside the jar when trying to open the jar.

Mixer & Grinder

Cuatro 1000

1000W Vacuum Mixer & Grinder - Cuatro 1000
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Eleganz 800

800W Mixer & Grinder - Eleganz 800
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Glamline Pro - Red

Glamline Power Mixer
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