A Kitchen of Elegance: Luxury Hobs and Cooker hoods | Hafele Appliances

A Kitchen of Elegance: Luxury Hobs and Cooker hoods | Hafele Appliances

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A kitchen of elegance - luxury hobs and cooker hoods

30 May 2024


The kitchen is the pride of every Indian household. It’s where everyone’s first food memories are made. Where nostalgia is created and thrives daily. A space where experiments are more successful than full-fledged plans. And where new memories are created, every single day.

However, cooking every day with spices and oil makes it difficult for a kitchen to look perfectly clean, especially since most kitchen appliances are usually made for hard work, and not elegance.

Luckily, there is a global brand - ASKO - that understands the needs of an Indian kitchen perfectly just like you understand the chutki bhar laal mirch needed for all your recipes. These appliances are designed to not only do all the hard work, but are also easy to clean, keeping it pristine, no matter what’s cooking in it.

  1. Presenting, The Celsius° CookingTM System by ASKO

    The Celsius° CookingTM System by ASKO takes induction cooking and cooking hobs to the next level of convenience, making it possible for you to always be connected to your kitchen (yes, pots and pans included), so that you get the perfect results, every time you cook.

  2. How is it different from everything out there?

    The Celsius° CookingTM System by ASKO is built in with Hestan Cue, a technology that creates cookware with in-built temperature sensors and comes with the HestanCue App, which makes for interconnected cookery technology. Together, this range makes your kitchen not just a smart one, but one that you can control with your fingertips, no matter where you are.

  3. What else does the The Celsius° CookingTM System by ASKO come with?

    Induction stove tops with smart cooking areas that adjust its size according to the size of your pots and pans and not vice versa.

    Dual circular control on the hob that shows you the level of heat graphically and in numbers, so you never miss a beat with your cooking.

    A smart cookerhood that adjusts itself to what you’re cooking on the hob. Frying something? The cookerhood automatically goes into high power. Just sauteing? The cookerhood stays low and quiet while the induction hob does its job.

    The hob itself comes with 12 power levels for any kind of cooking you enjoy.

    Semi-automatic programs for certain recipes when you want to experiment with frying or grilling, or even if you just wanted to keep your food warm.

    Connected completely with a central app with a database of expert recommended recipes so you can experiment to your heart’s content!

  4. All about the hood

    Speaking of experiments, every kitchen sees a lot of them. And now that you know about the perfect hobs, it’s time we helped you out with some cookerhoods, too. Because if there’s one thing that everyone agrees about the kitchen, it’s that a little fan on the side does absolutely nothing to take the heat away from it.

    That’s where the Falmec cookerhoods work their magic.

    Bringing together the best of precision and quality, the cookerhoods are all about the highest levels of functionality. They are designed in such a way that they work continuously to ensure that the air in the kitchen is clean, and always purified of odors and vapors.

    Falmec’s patented Circle.Tech technology comes with filter units that combine the suction with the filtering process in a single body, which evenly distributes clean filtered air back into your kitchen without the loss of internal temperature, making it the best chimney hood in India.

    So, while every Indian mother is looking for ways to make her kitchen elegant and pristine, ASKO and Falmec are all about helping them out, every time!


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