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Maximize Your Space with Compact Luxury Appliances | Häfele Appliances

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Giving into space - Compact luxury appliances

30 May 2024


If there’s one place where you are constantly making new memories while revisiting the old, it’s your home. Over the years however, a lot of things about it have changed - like the flooring, appliances, decor - to reflect the change in times and the changes in you, as well. You evolve constantly. So, it’s obvious that your space will too. Whether it means zhuzhing up the space by moving the furniture around every few months or choosing an appliance that matches the space and vibe, you are constantly making sure that your home reflects you and your personality.

And we are here to help you find the perfect compact appliances that not only liven up your home, but also give it that luxurious touch that elevates everyday living.

One global brand that has been helping people worldwide to add luxury into their homes with small and big changes, is ASKO. The brand designs and develops premium kitchen and laundry appliances is all about driving innovation through craftsmanship. Add that with attention to the finest details and a deep understanding of the customers’ needs, and you get luxury at its best.

  1. It’s a nine-to-wine thing!

    Whether you have a love for entertaining or simply just want to unwind after a rough week at work, there’s a certain joy in knowing that there are a few bottles of your favourite wine just waiting for you at home. And to help you make the most of that joy, is The ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet. Not only is it designed to impress, but it also comes with important features that tackle the nitty-gritties of wine storage, inventory and some that just make it look good.

    Temperature control is essential when it comes to storing wines, that’s why the ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet comes equipped with a high-quality compressor that ensures the optimum temperature for wine storage is maintained. This means that you will always have a perfect glass for you, whenever you choose to indulge. The cabinet also comes with UV treated glass doors to keep all the elements that could damage your precious wine, outside.

    Something that sets this wine cabinet apart from the rest is its Wi-Fi equipped technology. Through the Undercounter Wine Climate Cabinet’s companion app, not only can you log your wine collection, but also access the wealth of the Vivino database right at your fingertips. Want to know more about a particular wine? With the ASKO Undercounter Wine Cabinet’s companion app, all you have to do is scan the bottle’s label and get all the information you want and need on your device via the Vivino database through a specially embedded camera. Definitely handy when you want to show off your sommelier skills at a house party!

  2. The game of precision

    No conversation around a kitchen is ever complete without the mention of a hob and its delicate relationship with temperature and thereby all the dishes that are created on it. Bringing in a change into the game of heat and temperature control, is The Celsius° CookingTM System by ASKO. Designed for precision and convenience, this technology allows for you to always be connected to your kitchen (yes, pots and pans included), so that you get the perfect results, every time you cook.

    Built-in with Hestan Cue, a technology that designs and creates smart cookware with temperature sensors, every part of the Celsius° CookingTM System by ASKO is connected to each other by the HestanCue App, giving you control of your kitchen with your fingertips, no matter where you are.

  3. A breath of clean air

    Can you imagine staying cool in the kitchen even when you’re cooking in full force? The Falmec range of kitchen cookerhoods make that dream a reality.

    Bringing together the best of precision and quality, the cookerhoods are all about the highest levels of functionality. They are designed in such a way that they work continuously to ensure that air in the kitchen is clean, and always purified of odours and vapours.

    Falmec is committed to bringing high performance with comfort in the home, which is evident with their innovative NRS technology. Beyond the figures certifying the excellent results achieved with scientific evidence, the other important fact to stress is that the hood is incredibly quiet.

    When it comes to cookerheads, Falmec’s revolutionary Circle.Tech technology is a game changer, combining suction and filtration into a single unit, allowing for maximum efficiency and a whole lot of space saving. Unlike traditional cookerhoods, the Circle.Tech based filtering units develop horizontally rather than vertically. This means that the air flowing outwards is passed through a filtering unit surrounding the motor and distributed evenly. This process reduces turbulence within the cookerhood, and gives you a completely silent cooking experience in the kitchen.

    Your home is a place where you're constantly making new memories and tweaking the old. So, why not give it a touch of luxury to capture all the good times with ASKO and Falmec?


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