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Winning the laundry game

13 May 2024



You know who is always the happiest when you do the laundry? Here’s a clue - it’s not your family or your partner or even yourself. Oh no, no. The correct answer to that question is your laundry chair! Don’t try to deny it. Everyone has that one chair where all the clothes just kind of hang out until it’s time to get a wash and start the cycle all over again… and for good reason. After all, who really likes doing the laundry?

But fret not! Because trying to break the laundry cycle may be difficult, it’s not impossible; especially when you have a little help from ASKO. It’s a global brand that designs and develops premium laundry appliances while driving innovation through craftsmanship. Add that with attention to the finest details and a deep understanding of the customers’ needs, and you get some of the best products that the market has to share today.

And today, we’re going to help you win the battle against laundry with a few home appliances that match your needs, perfectly!

Wash it out

Standing proud as your first line of defence in the laundry war, is of course, your trusted washing machine. And when your washing machine is the ASKO W2086C.W, you’re already on your way to victory.

How? That’s because the W2086C.W comes with:

ASKO Pro WashTM - A system that actively circulates the water and detergent mix in the drum through dual nozzles, which means a more effective wash and rinse cycles.

Active DrumTM - To ensure the best washing and rinsing performance, while staying gentle on the clothes.

Long-lasting motors - For the highest spin cycles minus all the pesky noise.

Drying times

Second line of defence, the dryer! Now, you could put in all the hard work and hang the clothes out to dry or… you could do the smart work and bring home the ASKO T208C.W Tumble Dryer. Designed to dry with more air and less heat, the Soft Drum™ technology is a solution developed to enhance airflow around the load, thereby increasing the drying effect.

Of course, with drying comes lint. But unlike the other dryers with secret lint compartments that are difficult to access, the T208C.W comes with The Lint Trap™, which is placed in the door, designed to be easy to empty and clean.

The extra touch

There’s a better way to keep your laundry out of sight than just dumping it all on the poor chair. That’s right, we’re talking about the ASKO Drying cabinet. Designed for the ultimate sophistication, the drying cabinets are extremely spacious (enough to accommodate a 16-metre clothesline) and convenient. Whether it’s silk, cotton or even your shoes, all you need to do is hang them in their spot inside the ASKO Drying Cabinet and they’re fresh, dry and ready to use in no time. And if you’re worried about the energy consumption, be rest assured these cabinets consume only 0.3 kWh, because they take in external air and then heat it to dry your clothes.

Need some more help with your laundry? Fret not, because the ASKO Hidden Helper has your back. Efficiently fitting into any laundry space, this laundry accessory makes everything from loading and unloading to folding easier!

It’s time to make the laundry chair happy and ace laundry day, every time with ASKO!


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