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Store your Christmas leftovers the smart way!

22 December 2021


Store your Christmas leftovers the smart way!

The last month of the year always brings in a whole lot of excitement, joy, and leftover food. Christmas calls for a massive celebration with family and friends and with that gathering comes a wide variety of dishes that are laid on the table. Storing all the leftover food does turn into a task for every family because no matter how much one distributes there is always a lot of food that needs to be stored.

We have a brilliant solution for your leftover food dilemma- SMART refrigerators. Hafele’s wide range of smart refrigerators are easy to work with, convenient, and save you from the guilt of wastage.

What is a smart refrigerator?

As the name suggests, this appliance is updated with the latest technology that ensures your fruits, vegetables, meat, as well as cooked food remains fresh for a longer period of time. The user can easily control the temperature of the fridge while also setting different temperatures for various compartments depending on the perishability or storage requirement of the item.

Hafele’s Azzano

The Azzano range of refrigerators by Hafele are built to cater to your every need. The refrigerator easily configures its functionality to suit your specific requirements, and provides flexibility based on your storage needs. This energy-efficient appliance with a storage capacity of 301 litres solves your Christmas bulk storage problems while reducing the load on your pocket. This range provides a host of benefits that you deserve, including the following:

Freshness 24X7

The fruits and vegetables that you store in the refrigerator not only require an optimum temperature but also the right humidity to maintain their freshness and moisture. The Azzano range has a built-in Humidity Control Mechanism in the Fresco Zone Plus drawer that retains all the nutrients while ensuring that they remain fresh for a longer period of time.

Smart Cooling Technology

The Adaptive Cooling Technology sensors adapt to the user’s pattern of using the refrigerator on a daily basis. Over a period of 4 weeks from the first use, the refrigerator will automatically adjust its cooling pattern based on the frequency of opening and closing. This ensures that there is no variance in the temperature.

Suited for the tropics

The Azzano range comes with a Tropicalised Compressor that makes the appliance perfect for use in the Indian climate. The refrigerator has a suitable climatic class that can operate optimally even at extreme temperatures.

Quick Cool

When the user switches the Quick Cool Function on, it prepares the refrigerator to store and stock fresh groceries by decreasing the temperature to 2 degrees. The refrigerator remains at that temperature till the time the user switches it back to the regular settings.

A food preserving specialist

Twin Cooling Technology setting isolates the cooling between the fridge and the freezer, ensuring that both the compartments have no exchange of air and are independent in terms of temperature settings.

Increased shelf life

The Digital Control function allows you to select the desirable temperature for the refrigerator from 2°C to 8°C. The smart sensors keep the temperature inside the compartment at minimal deviation from the selected temperature range to enhance the shelf life of the perishable items.

With Hafele’s Azzano range of built-in refrigerators, you do not have to worry about storing your Christmas leftovers in bulk. The refrigerator’s exceptional functionality and settings will ensure that your perishable items remain fresh for a long period of time.

Now, let your refrigerator adapt to your way of life!

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