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Service Contracts

Service Contracts are agreements between Hafele India and the Customer for regular service offerings. These Service Contracts might be used to define a work-agreement between Hafele India and the Customer. These policies extend the period of consumer durable goods beyond what is offered.

Annual Maintenance Contract
Extended Warranty Contract
Cleaning Contract

To safeguard you against the uncertainty and inconvenience post your warranty period, we have launched our Annual Maintenance Contract. The major benefit that lies here is even though your warranty has expired, with this contract you can avail of all the benefits and the same Hafele Standard of service. This contract is only valid for a year after the warranty expires.

A product's shelf life depends variably on how it is used. To keep it away from varying off, we provide a manufacturer’s warranty. But what if you want to keep it maintained for longer than the standard life? The answer is our Extended Warranty Contract* for another 2 or 4 years* for Premium and 3 years* for Luxury Products with Hafele’s standard of service. With this service, you can be assured of your product’s longevity concerning any technical or mechanical issues. These services are cost-effective and offer great value to your purchased product.

Dealing with a clogged chimney will no longer be a challenge. With our Cleaning Contract, you can experience the efficient and effective operation of your HOBS throughout the product’s life cycle. Two periodical cleaning visits per year* will ensure that your Hobs are running smoothly.

*This will depend on the term mentioned in your contract

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