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REFRIGERATOR-Free Standing Refrigerator

A freestanding refrigerator stands on its own, can be placed against a wall, and is designed for easy relocation anywhere in the kitchen. One of the biggest advantages of freestanding refrigerators is that they come in full depth models and a variety of width ranges that allow for extra room in the fridge interiors. Besides such flexibility in terms of space, a freestanding refrigerator also allows homeowners to choose from a variety of door styles such as side by side, french door, left hinge, right hinge etc.

 A freestanding refrigerator stands on its own and can be easily placed against a wall. The main benefit of such a refrigerator is that it can be placed anywhere in your kitchen, where there is an electrical outlet. Freestanding refrigerators are also easier to install, come in more design configurations, and are less expensive than built-in models. 

 They also come with more depth, which particularly suits those who want roomier interiors. However, because of their larger depth, these refrigerators protrude past your kitchen cabinetry and won't give the same organised aesthetic as built-in refrigerators.

 An integrated or built-in refrigerator on the other hand is great for people who love a high-end and seamless kitchen design. As they come with lesser depths, these types of refrigerators can be fit into the kitchen cabinetry. Since there is a lot of electrical wiring, plumbing and cabinetry work involved, integrated fridges always require professional installation and cannot be moved around from their fixed place.

Following are the important factors to consider before purchasing a freestanding refrigerator.

● Ensure that your kitchen has the right space before you purchase a fridge model. Besides accounting for the dimensions, one must also consider the space needed behind the fridge unit to “breathe” and vent out heat.  

● Freestanding refrigerators come with a lot of door style configurations. The fridge is usually easy to access if you opt for a French door style or side by side door style. However, you must be careful while choosing a door that only opens one way as you may have to crane your neck to access the things stored inside. (such as left or right hinge)

● Think about the kind of features you may like to have in your freestanding refrigerator such as a convertible freezer, child locks, smart sensors, ice or water dispensers on the door etc. 

● Consider the energy rating of the model as the better rating it has, the more energy efficient the fridge will be for you. The freestanding refrigerators do not compromise on this and come in an excellent A++ rating!

This depends on the energy rating as well as the compressor type of your freestanding refrigerator. The higher the energy rating, the less will be its electricity consumption, thus ensuring that you won't receive sky-high electricity bills! This is why Hafele Appliances are the best choice as they come with an excellent energy class of A++ that ensures less annual consumption of electricity.  

Besides this, Hafele free-standing refrigerators also come with an inverter compressor, which further reduces your electricity bill. This compressor allows the appliance to achieve maximum power quickly at the first power-up and maintains the desired temperature levels throughout the day. Moreover, the compressor is tropicalised with the right climate class suited as per the Indian climate to ensure optimum energy consumption.

No, there is no change required in your existing kitchen layout. The major benefit of a freestanding refrigerator is that it can stand against any wall which has an electrical outlet. You only need to measure the kitchen space where you want to place the refrigerator, accounting well for its dimensions and required ventilation space behind the unit. 

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