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Hafele India, a 13-years-old subsidiary of the Hafele Global network, lays pride in its diverse range of quality products, well-networked channel partners and unmatched service to customers. The ability of the company to understand the diverse Indian market and adapt to the changing tastes and trends, has made it an authority in the field of architectural hardware, furniture fittings and kitchen fittings and accessories.

Retail experience in India: We bring to you the state of the art design centers across all metro and major cities for an enhanced and sophisticated retail experience. We reach further near to the customer through our dedicated kitchen partners across India who would bring you our entire range under one roof.

Hafele Mumbai
Hafele Kolkata

Customer Service: Hafele’s Premium Appliances Range of Built-in Home Appliances has a dedicated and well-networked service footprint across India, reaching to 23 states and many small cities. The Premium Appliances service infrastructure is equipped with most sophisticated and modern tools and facilities ensuring prompt and efficient service to our customers. Now our service is just a call away through our centralized customer care team.

With this successful backing and the promise to grow in manifolds, the company has been on an expansion mode to meet the ever-growing demands not only from India but also its neighbouring countries. Owing to this, Hafele has now established regional offices in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh while also spreading its sales operations to Nepal and Bhutan.

Hafele Delhi
Hafele Delhi
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