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A convection microwave brings some features of a microwave and oven together, allowing you to heat food quicker and access more cooking modes.  

Any convection microwave has at least two modes – one is a standard microwave mode used to heat or cook food. The second is a convection mode that transforms your microwave into a convection oven. Here, an additional heating element and a fan is used to evenly distribute heat throughout the oven cavity. Such type of cooking ensures that the food is cooked much quicker than in regular microwaves! 

Depending on the brand you choose, some convection microwaves let you use more cooking techniques that aren’t possible in regular microwaves – think baking, roasting etc. The convection mode of cooking works especially well for making perfectly crispy cookies, thin-crust breads, and grilled vegetables! 

 Yes, a convection microwave is much better than a regular microwave. A traditional microwave allows you to only heat and cook certain types of food. Convection microwaves on the other hand, give you more freedom to bake, brown, crisp or roast food.

Unlike a regular microwave, convection microwaves use an extra heating element and a fan that distributes hot air all around the oven to cook food uniformly from all directions. Convection cooking ensures that your food is cooked much faster as well as more evenly, which is especially helpful while cooking meats! 

The difference in cooking speed is much more visible in the Hafele convection microwave ovens where the food is cooked in a fraction of the time as compared to a regular oven. While some regular ovens can take about 20 minutes to cook meat per pound, Häfele’s convection microwaves can cook it in about half the time!

 Microwave technology uses electromagnetic radiation to heat up the water molecules in the food and cook it from the inside. While this works great for reheating and cooking certain types of food, microwave technology has limitations when it comes to other cooking modes such as baking. 

Convection cooking, on the other hand, uses an extra heating element and a fan to circulate hot air all around the food and cook it evenly from all directions. This is also why the convection mode is much faster than microwave heating. Besides, this type of heating also allows you to crisp, brown, and braise foods well!

Convection microwaves have the following benefits:

● Give faster cooking times as these appliances use a combination of microwave as well as convection cooking.

● When used in convection mode, food is cooked evenly throughout! Due to the presence of an extra heating element and a fan, hot air is circulated all around inside the microwave to cook food uniformly from all directions. 

● Since they come in compact sizes and with various special features, convection microwaves are a good choice for small kitchens and studio apartments.

● As it combines a microwave and convection oven in one appliance, such appliances reduce your need to keep these appliances separately in your kitchen. 

At Hafele, you can request a qualified technician to get our convection ovens installed in your home. Here’s an installation diagram of the Hafele J3MWO Plus convection microwave oven for your reference.

 Hafele Appliances has some of the highest quality microwave convection ovens available in the Indian market today! Our J34MWO Plus convection microwave with grill gives you a 4 combination mode alone with microwave. It boasts of a good capacity of 34 Litres, which is ideal for nuclear families.  

Along with microwave heating, you get to enjoy the best of convection cooking in this appliance where food is cooked evenly, in a lesser amount of time. Compared to other ovens in the market, our convection microwaves can cook, bake, grill, crisp, roast, and brown food in a fraction of the time!

 With a modern stainless steel finish, touch controls, full glass exterior door, elegant inner cavity lights and other features - this microwave convection oven will also attribute a contemporary look to your kitchen.

Here are the pros and cons of convection microwave ovens


● Convection microwaves ovens combine two appliances into one. It can be used as a microwave, as a convection oven, and in combination mode (combining microwave, baking, and even grilling functions)

● Accelerate cooking pace as convection heating allows for much faster cooking. This works well especially for high temperature cooking such as roasting meats and baking pastries

● These ovens work well to crisp cookies, browning of cheese toasts, braising techniques and such.

● They come in smaller compact capacities, which can easily fit in small kitchens, holiday homes, and studio apartments. 


● Convection ovens have smaller cavities, so cooking can be limited to one food at a time. 

● Cooking fatty foods in such ovens may splash on the walls of the appliance. However, if you are in the habit of cleaning the appliance swiftly to remove all residues after the cooking process - grease marks can be prevented. 

● Most convection ovens do not have a bottom element. Hence, browning and crisping can be limited for foods that require base cooking such as pies and pizza.

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