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Unlike a washing machine, a washer dryer comes with an in-built tumble dryer. This ensures that one can wash and dry clothes in one appliance itself. After the entire washing and drying cycle is completed, the clothes will be dry and ready to wear.

Yes, a washer dryer combo, when purchased from a reputed company is definitely worth it! This two-in-one appliance does the job of both, a washing machine and a dryer, allowing you to save space in your laundry room.

Hafele is known to provide some of the best washer dryer models in the market today. This is because we bring you exceptional German quality to give professional laundry washing and drying results in your home. Our washer dryers offer a large capacity, provide tons of useful washing programs, complete cycles quickly, and are suitable for most materials such as woollens, cotton, silk, satin and synthetic clothes.

Moreover, Hafele washer dryers are equipped with quality condenser dryers, known to provide the best drying results available today. It ensures that you get completely dry, ready-to-wear clothes right out of the machine!

A washer-dryer is known to be a better choice for many homes today as it not only does the job of two machines but also saves on space in your home! If you have less room, it might be worth your while to get a washer dryer instead of buying a washing machine and a separate dryer. In fact, it may also prove to be cost-friendly as you only have to invest in one machine.

The electricity consumption of an appliance depends on how frequently one uses it and how efficient is its energy rating. If the energy rating of a washer dryer is of a lower class, it may amount to high electricity bills in your home.

This is why we recommend purchasing a quality washer dryer that comes with a good energy rating of A+ or more. The Hafele Coral 86W Plus washer dryer combo comes with an excellent A++ energy rating, which ensures that your home electricity bills may not turn out sky-high.

Yes, you can get 100% dry clothes from a washer-dryer, but only if it is of exceptional quality. Hafele washer dryers come with this incredible drying feature, where you can get completely dry, ready to wear clothes right from the machine! 

Instead of using the less efficient vented dryers, the Hafele washer dryers come with a condenser dryer that quickly dries out all the moisture from your washed laundry. At the end of a washing and drying cycle, all you need do is remove the clothes from the machine and wear them. No clothesline needed!

On average, a quality washer dryer has a lifespan of 8 to 10 years.

The amount you spend to purchase a washer dryer depends on your personal requirements and budget. Here are some things you can look for while choosing the perfect washer dryer combo for your home -

● Load capacity - Consider if the machine’s loading capacity suits your family requirements. For example, the Hafele Coral Washer Dryer combo offers a good 7.5 kg washing load and 5.5 kg drying load capacity, which works well for most families today. 

● Type of Dryer - Instead of a vented dryer, opt for a condenser dryer as they provide a better water retention rate. Hence, we recommend you should purchase a washer-dryer that comes equipped with a quality condenser dryer, which offers you a 99 to 100% water retention rate. 

● Time required per cycle - While regular washing machines may take 7 to 8 hours, look for washer-dryers that can complete a cycle in less time. The ones by Hafele complete an entire washing and drying cycle of a 6 kg load in under 5 hours! 

● Programs and features - Whether you want to wash your woollens or simply do a quick express wash for lightly soiled clothes - the machine’s washing and drying programs should meet your laundry care needs at home. 

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