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A kitchen machine is a single all-in-one kind of appliance that features a heavy-duty motor along with additional functional attachments such as a beater, dough maker, whisker etc.  This helps you accomplish tasks faster than it would require when done by hand as well as reduces your need to have various devices in the kitchen.

A good kitchen machine can make your life so much easier when it comes to preparing your meals and snacks or even indulging in baked goodies. You can use it to swiftly beat eggs, knead doughs, whisk cream, blend juice, grind masalas, extract juice, shred vegetables, and even make ice cream!

The Hafele Klara kitchen machine is a high-quality appliance that is most in-demand in the modern kitchens of today! This is one kitchen machine that will save up a lot of your time and energy, as you won't have to do tediously repetitive cooking tasks by hand in the kitchen. 

This machine comes equipped with a range of top-notch attachments such as a beater, whisker, dough kneader, blender, mincer, and the sharpest cutters that make it a formidable ally in your cooking exploits. Besides, the appliance also makes for a beautiful addition to your kitchen with its super sleek look and absolutely stunning colour.

Ideally, the countertop is an excellent location to place your kitchen mixer. This is because the machine stays easily visible and within quick reach when you want to do your cooking prep. 

However, since the kitchen Machine will be quite visible on the countertop, you should opt for one in a popping colour to make a style statement. For example, the Hafele Klara kitchen mixer comes in a beautiful shade of crimson that brings a rich, elegant look to your modern kitchen countertop.

The functions included in a kitchen machine depend on the model type and brand you opt for. This is why it is advisable to choose an appliance that comes with the right features to help you most in saving precious time and energy in a busy Indian kitchen. The Hafele Klara kitchen machine comes with useful attachments such as: 

● It has a dough hook that can be used to prepare the dough for chapatis, mathris, pooris, naans, chaklis and more. The dough turns out just as soft as a hand-kneaded one!

● The machine is equipped with a chopper, slicer, and a grater, which chop the veggies evenly in different shapes and sizes. 

● The beater function comes in handy for beating eggs as well as for mixing a light batter for breakfast items such as dosas, idlis and besan chillas.  

● The attached blender can be used to make juices, tomato puree, and creamy smoothies. It also has a grinder function, which you can effortlessly use to grind dry masalas, groundnuts, coconuts etc.

● The whisker is useful for whipping cream and eggs for cakes. Besides this, there is also a metal mincer, perfect to mince the meat for Keema, sausages, and momos.

A good kitchen machine can help you accomplish a lot as well as make your life so much easier when it comes to preparing your meals, snacks, and baked goodies in the kitchen. You can use it to swiftly beat eggs, knead doughs, whisk cream, blend juice, grind masalas, extract juice, shred vegetables and much more!

The amount of stuff you can do with a dependable kitchen machine depends on your imagination! From preparing dough for chapatis, pooris, or mathris to slicing vegetables for fried rice like a ninja and even churning your own homemade butter - there are tons of uses for a kitchen machine in the Indian kitchen.

Yes, it can if the model you own comes with a high quality dough kneader attachment. The Hafele kitchen machine comes with a dough hook that uses a precise kneading movement to mould an amazingly soft dough for chapatis, naans, pooris, and more! The process is simple too. Merely add the required flour into the mixing bowl, attach the dough hook, and start the machine. Keep adding water slowly at regular intervals, and you’re done!

Yes, a kitchen machine can be used to mince meat if the model you own comes with a meat mincer attachment. Hafele’s Klara kitchen machine has a heavy duty metal mincer that helps to precisely mince the meat quickly as well as efficiently for making sausage stuffings, momos, dumplings, and even Kheema. This cuts half your prepping time and efforts in the kitchen.

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