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The built-in ovens at Hafele Appliances rank among the top appliances in the world today.

Here are some reasons why:

● They come in larger capacities of 70 L that can cater to large families as well as anyone who wants to cook multiple dishes to get more out of this oven. 

● With this range, you also have the advantage of using a variety of cooking modes. This allows you to experiment well with different cooking techniques such as baking, convection baking, grilling, roasting, double grilling, braising, and much more!

● Since the built-in oven cavity is made of a single piece that is free of bolts and welding lines, cleaning the Hafele built-in ovens is super easy!

● This range is spectacularly designed with an intuitive touch display, triple-pane insulated glass door, flexible pull out shelf system, and auto cook menus. Such a design allows you to have a seamless baking experience while also bringing a modern, sleek vibe to your kitchen.

The type of oven you choose to buy depends upon your cooking and baking requirements. Following are a few types that you can opt for, after carefully weighing your needs in the kitchen.

● You may opt for our wide range of built-in ovens if you're looking for a bigger capacity, smart temperature control technology and the ability to use multiple cooking modes that together give you professional-grade cooking results.

● Whereas a combi microwave oven enables you to carry out all the basic microwave tasks along with grilling and baking. If you're looking for a regular kitchen oven that cooks your food in half its normal cooking time - this is the type to go for!

● And if you're looking for an even healthier form of cooking - our range of combi-steam ovens may be the perfect fit for you. Since it uses steam as the main method for cooking - this ensures that your food stays uber-fresh and gets cooked 4 times faster than traditional cooking methods!

Our range of built in ovens come in the different sizes of 60 cm, 70 cm and 77 cms. Such a wider size range allows for a larger capacity of 70L and more, which helps you to comfortably cook multiple dishes at one time as well as cater to the needs of a large Indian household.

We advise you not to do so as an oven, if improperly installed may lead to complications ahead. Oven installation depends on several factors such as the brand you choose, the type of oven, and the existing electrical circuitry in your kitchen. This is why it is quite crucial to employ a qualified technician who may get it installed for you.  

After buying an oven from us -   you may request a qualified technician from Hafele to get the oven installed in your home before use.

Microwaves are incredibly easy to use, consist of basic timer functions, and cook much faster than regular conventional ovens. However, while microwaves reheat food and cook certain items such as eggs quite well - you can't use them efficiently to cook food that is more than an inch thick such as meats. This limits you from cooking a large variety of food. 

A fully functional oven can do much more than a microwave as it gives you multiple cooking modes such as baking, grilling, roasting, and braising. An oven also gives you proper temperature control to experiment well with cooking and baking techniques. Such features allow you to cook and bake lots of delicious dishes!  

Hence, it totally depends on what your particular cooking needs and requirements are in the kitchen. If you’re looking for some basic reheating and cooking - a regular microwave may suit you better. But if you’re into full-fledged cooking and baking a diverse range of savouries - you should definitely opt for our wide range of built-in ovens or even combi microwave ovens.

This depends on how regularly you use your oven and the energy efficiency of the model. This is why it’s very important to purchase a top notch oven that has a high energy rating. It significantly reduces the energy consumption, thus helping you avoid those sky high electricity bills!  

The Hafele Appliances range of ovens come with such an excellent A+ energy efficiency rating, which reduces the electricity consumption by almost 30% from the other A rated standard oven models in the market.

A double oven is a combination of two ovens that are either placed side by side or on top of each other. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is larger than a single oven. The main advantage here is that you can cook and grill food dishes at the same time and different temperatures. 

So, if you’re in the habit of using only an oven to cook for a large number of people regularly - only then a double oven may be the better choice for you.  

But there are also many limitations as the double oven along with its cabinetry may take more space in your kitchen, not to mention the tedious task and energy consumption required to heat two ovens at the same time.  

Single ovens on the other hand are great to own for many Indian compact kitchens! And if you choose from our wide range of single ovens - these may override the need for owning a double oven. As our single built-in ovens come in large capacities such as 70L with multiple shelving - you can easily bake multiple dishes at once without the aromas melding into each other. 

Installing your wall oven in a cabinet ensures that there is enough room for the oven cavity and its electrical components. A cabinet customised according to the oven size dimensions will give maximum benefits in terms of support.  

However, while cabinets are the most preferred option, you can also opt to install the oven in a built-in wall cavity if your kitchen layout already has one or allows for one. By creating such a built-in wall holder for your oven - you can ensure that the wall oven takes up less space as it is safely tucked in a corner of your kitchen. 

A microwave uses heat from electromagnetic radiation to directly heat and cook the food inside this appliance.  

An oven, on the other hand, uses electric current or metallic elements to heat the entire chamber of the oven rather than just the food itself. Many ovens today mostly use a fan (such as in convection ovens) to evenly distribute the heat inside to better cook the food.  

Microwaves are also generally easy to use and cook faster. You merely have to place the food inside it and set the timer for how long you want it to be cooked. Voila - you’re done! However, the variety of food you can cook in a microwave is quite limited as it doesn’t offer much temperature control to the customer. 

In comparison - an oven can help you do much more as you can control the temperature well inside it. This allows you to experiment with multiple cooking modes such as baking, grilling, roasting, braising, and such. Hence, an oven is preferred by those who are in the habit of usually preparing a large range of dishes that require different temperatures to be cooked.

If you’re into healthy cooking, it’s definitely better to opt for a combi steam oven. This is because steam penetrates deeper into food, removing excess fat and salt while locking in the water as well as more of the beneficial nutrients your body thrives on. In fact - steam cooking also preserves the dietary fibre, natural colour, flavour, and texture of your food.

At Hafele, our range of combi-steam microwave ovens (such as J34MCT) brings together such nutritious features of steam cooking and the speed cooking of a microwave oven. Here are some features that allow for healthy cooking in this range of ovens.

● Steaming does not dry out the food, but rather keeps it fresh and succulent. This means that the dishes you prepare in this oven will require less usage of oil, butter, and sauces. This aids in lowering cholesterol so that you can enjoy lighter and healthier meals. 

● Such a form of steam cooking in the oven also ensures that food is not overcooked, which retains maximum vitamins and minerals. 

● Reheating leftovers in this type of oven brings back all its lost moisture, leading to a healthier and fresher meal even the next day!

Yes! It’s totally possible to use your oven to cook traditional Indian food. While we’ve been using the stovetop for ages, using an oven to cook delicious Indian meals is not only faster but may also prove to be quite a treat for your tastebuds!  

For everyday rice preparations - a jeera pulao, biryani, or even a simple meal of rice and ghee can be made effortlessly in an oven. As for sabjis - there are countless things you can prepare such as roasted aloo gobi, baked stuffed bell peppers (bharwan mirch), butter chicken, palak paneer, roasted chana masala, even roasted eggplants for baingan bharta!  

Most Hafele built-in and combi ovens come with a grilling option, in which you may prepare sizzling Indian starters. Popular ones you can easily grill and bake are paneer tikka, baked surmai fish, meat kebabs, and even baked samosas!  

Tired of baked cookies? Try baking mathris in your Hafele oven and we promise you it will be a delightful experience. As for sweets, move over cakes and make room for lip-smacking baked Sandesh or even healthy baked jalebis!

If you already have enough space for a built-in oven in your kitchen layout - you do not have to re-do your entire kitchen to install it. All you require is a cabinet or even a built-in wall gap customised according to the oven dimensions and needed ventilation space. As built-in ovens are fixed cleverly in such spaces, they actually take up less space in your kitchen.

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